Territory: A Short Introduction (Short Introductions to Geography)

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Attention is thereby deflected away from the power relationships, ideologies, and processes underpinning the maintenance of territories and their boundaries.

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Territorial thinking, the production of territories, and the employment of territorial strategies are bound up with maintaining power or with resisting the imposition of power by a dominant group. Forms of exclusion can be consolidated and reinforced through territorial practices, yet they can also be resisted through similar means. In the early 21st century there has been a more direct engagement with issues of territory and territoriality within human geography.

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Delaney and Storey provide useful overviews and critiques of issues of human territoriality within its social and political context, drawing on a wide range of examples across various spatial scales. Antonsich and Storey provide quite succinct commentaries on key issues. Dahlman , in keeping with much of the literature, limits the focus to territory as the spatial extent of the state and territoriality as a strategy used by states.

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For all that territorialization and territoriality might appear central to political geography, few textbooks in that subject area deal with it explicitly, Cox being one of the few exceptions. Websites such as Exploring Geopolitics include sections devoted to the issue of territory. Antonsich, Marco. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, This is a useful drawing together of earlyst-century work on ideas of territory and territoriality.

Cox, Kevin. Political Geography: Territory, State, and Society. Oxford: Blackwell, DOI: This is an introductory political-geography text that takes territory and territoriality as central elements within the subdiscipline and, from a political-economy perspective, uses these to examine the capitalist state and the politics of identity and difference.

Dahlman, Carl T. Edited by Carolyn Gallaher, Carl T. London: SAGE, While this is a useful introduction, it is limited to a consideration of the state as a territorial actor. Legal System and Practice. Medical and Healthcare Law. Allied Health Professions. Clinical Medicine.

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History of Medicine. Preclinical Medicine. Public Health and Epidemiology.

Territory: A Short Introduction

Biological Sciences. Computer Science. Earth Sciences and Geography. Engineering and Technology. Environmental Science. History of Science and Technology.

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