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Schistosomiasis in brief. Zika virus ZIKV is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes which predominantly feed between dawn and dusk. A small number of cases of sexual transmission of ZIKV have also been reported. Most people infected with ZIKV have no symptoms. When symptoms do occur they are usually mild and short-lived.

Serious complications and deaths are not common. There is a risk of ZIKV in this country. Details of specific affected areas within this country are not available. In the event that travel is unavoidable, the pregnant traveller must be informed of the risks which ZIKV presents.

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Couples planning pregnancy in the very near future should consider whether they should avoid travel to a country or area with risk of ZIKV, rather than delay conception for the recommended period see below after travel. This particularly includes couples in assisted fertility programmes. Zika virus in brief. World Health Organization updates to yellow fever recommendations and requirements Read more.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid travel to Thailand Read more. The guidance on preventing sexual transmission of ZIKV and risk area classification has been reviewed Read more. A review of the risk of typhoid and country-specific recommendations Read more. TravelHealthPro has been updated to reflect updates to yellow fever recommendations and certificate requirements Read more. Read more. NaTHNaC has reviewed and updated the hepatitis A country specific information and vaccine recommendations to provide up-to-date recommendations for tr Read more.

Using information collated from a variety of sources, we regularly review and update information on overseas disease outbreaks and other health issues that may affect the UK traveller. As of 9 April , two travel-related Zika cases, in Danish residents who visited Thailand, have been reported for New Post. ECDC - Read more. As of 9 April , a travel-related Zika case, in a Norwegian resident who visited Thailand, has been reported for Food and water-borne. State - Read more.

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City Name: Find. Home Country Information Thailand. General information. Vaccine recommendations. Prevention Travellers should thoroughly clean all wounds and seek appropriate medical attention.

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Tetanus vaccination Travellers should have completed a primary vaccination course according to the UK schedule. Prevention All travellers should take care with personal, food and water hygiene.

Cholera vaccination This oral vaccine is recommended for those whose activities or medical history put them at increased risk. This includes: aid workers those going to areas of cholera outbreaks who have limited access to safe water and medical care. Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A vaccination Vaccination is recommended for those whose activities put them at increased risk. Hepatitis B. Prevention Travellers should avoid contact with blood or body fluids. This includes: avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse. A sterile medical equipment kit may be helpful when travelling to resource poor areas.

Hepatitis B vaccination Vaccination could be considered for all travellers, and is recommended for those whose activities or medical history put them at increased risk including: those who may have unprotected sex. Japanese Encephalitis JE. Prevention All travellers should avoid mosquito bites particularly between dusk and dawn. Japanese encephalitis vaccination Vaccination is recommended for those whose activities put them at increased risk see above. Vaccination could be considered for those on shorter trips if the risk is considered to be sufficient e. Rabies in Thailand Rabies is considered a risk and has been reported in domestic animals in this country.

Prevention Travellers should avoid contact with all animals. Rabies is preventable with prompt post-exposure treatment. Following a possible exposure, wounds should be thoroughly cleansed and an urgent local medical assessment sought, even if the wound appears trivial. Rabies vaccination A full course of pre-exposure vaccines simplifies and shortens the course of post-exposure treatment and removes the need for rabies immunoglobulin which is in short supply world-wide.

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Pre-exposure vaccinations are recommended for travellers whose activities put them at increased risk including: those at risk due to their work e. Tuberculosis TB. Tuberculosis in Thailand The average annual incidence of TB is greater than or equal to 40 cases per , population further details. Prevention Travellers should avoid close contact with individuals known to have infectious pulmonary lung TB.

For travellers, BCG vaccine is also recommended for: unvaccinated, children under 16 years of age, who are going to live for more than 3 months in this country. A tuberculin skin test is required prior to vaccination for all children from 6 years of age and may be recommended for some younger children.

Typhoid in Thailand Typhoid fever is known or presumed to occur in this country.

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Typhoid vaccination Vaccination could be considered for those whose activities put them at increased risk see above. Oral and injectable typhoid vaccinations are available.

Other risks. Prevention Travellers should spend a few days at an altitude below 3,m. Where possible travellers should avoid travel from altitudes less than 1,m to altitudes greater than 3,m in a single day. Ascent above 3,m should be gradual. Travellers should avoid increasing sleeping elevation by more than m per day and ensure a rest day at the same altitude every three or four days. Acetazolamide can be used to assist with acclimatisation, but should not replace gradual ascent. Travellers who develop symptoms of AMS headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and sleep disturbance should avoid further ascent.

In the absence of improvement or with progression of symptoms the first response should be to descend. Biting insects or ticks. Goo look lovely: Thai farmers milk snails to cash in on beauty craze. Industry has boomed in Thailand, with more than 80 snail farms in one province alone feeding cosmetics demand. Published: 22 Jul Ever since sham elections in March, activists have been singled out in a series of brutal attacks as the military tightens its grip on power. Thai cave divers to star in film depicting real-life rescue. Movie about Tham Luang cave operation to save schoolboys and coach one of several announced.

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Published: 11 Jul Published: 10 Jul Baby dugong becomes Thailand's national sweetheart — video. Published: 3 Jul Tensions between rival moto gangs in the Thai capital escalated after the arrival of ride-hailing apps. Now two men are dead. Not only are Wherever you go. About Advertise with us. Trending Countries. South Africa. Costa Rica. Trending Cities. Mexico City. Buenos Aires. Dallas-Fort Worth. Asia Thailand. Editor's Picks. Your time in Thailand will depend on a lot of things, from the weather to your accommodation to whether or not you are traveling through Thailand solo. admin