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C [dub] Kryptic Minds - The Divide [Osiris] Sleeper - Shelter [Chestplate] Pretty impressive, all said. Straight away our man knows something is off, and his suspicions are all but confirmed when he finds a recent image of Jeanette posted online, then another, and another. Each image is more revealing and more disturbing than the last, and each image is cheered on by a nameless, faceless audience. MMS absolutely nails it in this British Fantasy Award winner; a story that puts an arm over your shoulder, has a laugh and a joke with you and then stabs you in the gut.

This story also perfectly illustrates how we have always had a dark side to the internet, as we have had with any creative technology. Ah, the days!

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  6. Blythe is one of those fellas who is welded to his mobile phone, much to the annoyance of everyone around him. This was , kids. People were weird back then. He is undergoing an acrimonious divorce and is keen for his new squeeze to post off the latest maintenance payment to his ex in order to avoid a legal bollocking. Blythe only ever gets his answerphone. When he is harangued and pressed into entering the tunnel by his fellow walkers, Blythe finds he has a more urgent need to make a phone call. Good grief, even after a second read this was a chore to get through. Nearly everything about this story got up my nose, from the hopelessly over-engineered premise and how teeth-grindingly overwritten it was, through to the largely fake, annoying and unfunny characters.

    At times I swear I was reading a Fat Slags cartoon. This is one of those stories you suspect only got published because of the name behind it, and only made it into this book due to a spot of cronyism.

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    He gets a tattoo to commemorate this and asks the artist to draw him a seriously ripped unicorn. Yes, a unicorn. The artist agrees, but only if Troy has the tattoo over his heart. When Troy returns to the conflict he finds his tattoo is somehow keeping him from harm, but at what cost?

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    Now why would that be? A second read happily sorted all that out. Vivien Mandeville is a sensitive, capable of reading an incredible amount of detail and history from the objects she handles. Her husband, Albert, acts as her straight-man. When the Mandevilles reach the Boyd residence, they find themselves stalked from afar, and are given an ominous warning by an old Aboriginal to let sleeping dogs lie.

    This was okay, with Wilder creating a great double act in the Mandevilles, but the ending disappointed. They judge him, criticise him, mock him. When they are not expressing seemingly every aspect of his life, they are controlling it. When Jack meets Marsha, he is astonished to find that she wants to get to know him and seems willing look past all the witches he sees.

    But can he? The improbably named Sugg Harpole is hired by an unsavoury sort called The Greek to locate and retrieve the titular finger. The statue of Halugra is to be found somewhere up in the mountains, and the neighbouring Native Americans believe its finger has remarkable healing qualities. Turns out it does, but it seems the statue is rather attached to it. While this story was predictable, it was also a lot of fun, reading like an old horror comic strip from a bygone age.

    Centuries ago the monstrous Sir Rufford De Quintz resided there and took delight in abusing the staff in every terrible way. He sired a daughter by one of the young maids and, unusually for De Quintz, he let the child live.

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    The toddler was subsequently tolerated but despised throughout the house. Fast forward to and Myra Cooper is spearheading the renovation of Haddon Hall. She is called to investigate a gruesome discovery bricked up in one of the walls. This was another winner from Lamsley, who is somehow able to document the most horrific things with an astonishing lightness of touch. This was the mirror opposite of his previous entry, Blade and Bone Best New Horror 6 in that the build-up throughout this story was terrific, but was let down by the ending.

    ISBN 13: 9781587672200

    The artwork takes the form of an audio recording describing in striking detail a dream of the artist in which he is trapped inside an unlit bungalow house in the dead of night while all kinds of weird and horrible vermin lie dead or dying at his feet. The prose is as lush and the plot is as weird as ever. Still a good read, though. She uses the wealth she has accrued over the years and years and years to hire a surrogate, Sondra, and a team of doctors to handle all the fiddly DNA-imprinting science stuff necessary for the pregnancy to be viable.

    Who knew? This is an interesting what-if story, but I suspect the ending will divide opinion between those who consider it a neat twist on vampire myth and those who will groan and move on. Bizarrely, it is suggested the brothers are attempting to create something that could replace food. All he knows is that the Clantons are dwindling one by one, and the burial plots out the back of their house are increasing in number.

    There were other niggles too, but are probably down to my personal taste, such as dialog written as it is spoken which I find rarely works , quirkiness replacing humour rather than complementing it, etc.

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    They observe the fruits of their endeavours each time from a safe enough distance to avoid detection. After a particularly daring prank, the pair witness a man examining the offending trackside area. The man homes in on their position with uncanny speed and precision and offers them a wave. Paul and Max are spooked by this but decide to press on with their most daring stunt yet — a final hurrah before the school holidays are through. Big mistake. To top it all, things are not as they seem in this crumbling and rotting Venice, and a clue to it all may be found in a painting called La Serenissima.

    Euphrosyne and Polyhymnia are engaging characters, identical twins yet polar opposites, and we get a good sense of the sights, sounds and smells of Venice and its grotty underbelly. Worth a look, all the same. Lie is being delivered to Midas courtesy of a large black man wearing strange boots made of fur, bone and razor-sharp teeth.

    Perhaps both Lie and her courier should have heeded the warnings of the strange gun-toting coyote-man they met along the way. The serunai player is a woman called Prei Chen, and the two accomplished artists finally meet when Prei seeks Sajit at his home. But Sajit finds the artist pales against the beauty of her art and so sends Prei away in tears. It is a decision he comes to regret. This was okay — VanderMeer really knows his stuff when it comes to Southeast Asian history — but the richness and sense of place he gives this story is undermined by its linearity. admin