The Postmodern (The New Critical Idiom)

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John Varvatos.

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The Postmodern (New Critical Idiom)

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The Postmodern

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Gothic revival Literature —Great Britain. Gothic revival Literature —United States. Literary form. The New Critical Idiom is a series of introductory books which seeks to extend the lexicon of literary terms, in order to address the radical changes which have taken place in the study of literature during the last decades of the twentieth century.

The aim is to provide clear, well-illustrated accounts of the full range of terminology currently in use, and to evolve histories of its changing usage. The current state of the discipline of literary studies is one where there is considerable debate concerning basic questions of terminology. This involves, among other things, the boundaries which distinguish the literary from the nonliterary; the position of literature within the larger sphere of culture; the relationship between literatures of different cultures; and questions concerning the relation of literary to other cultural forms within the context of interdisciplinary studies.

It is clear that the field of literary criticism and theory is a dynamic and heterogenous one.

ISBN 13: 9780415280648

The present need is for individual volumes on terms which combine clarity of exposition with an adventurousness of perspective and a breadth of application. Each volume will contain as part of its apparatus some indication of the direction in which the definition of particular terms is likely to move, as well as expanding the disciplinary boundaries within which some of these terms have been traditionally contained. This will involve some re-situation of terms within the larger field of cultural representation, and will introduce examples from the area of film and the modern media in addition to examples from a variety of literary texts.

GOTHIC In this accessible and lucid introduction Fred Botting traces the sources and developments of a transgressive genre which has thrived for over two centuries. He examines the key texts, origins and writers, as well as their cultural and historical location, their critical reception and their influence.