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Adaptive Semantic Data Management Techniques for Federations of Endpoints

Ontologies may enhance the functional coverage of an interactive system as well as its visualization and interaction capabilities in various ways. Semantic models can also contribute to bridging gaps; for example, between user models, context-aware interfaces, and model-driven UI generation. There is considerable potential for using semantic models as a basis for adaptive interactive systems. A variety of reasoning and machine learning techniques exist that can be employed to achieve adaptive system behavior.

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The advent and rapid growth of Linked Open Data as a large-scale collection of semantic data has also paved the way for a new breed of intelligent, knowledge-intensive applications. Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive Systems includes ten complementary chapters written by experts from both industry and academia. Rounded off by a number of case studies in real world application domains, this book will serve as a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners exploring the use of semantic models within HCI.

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The utilization of appropriate visualization techniques and ontology representations enables different processes related to smart space development and management to become more understandable, which reduces, for example, the knowledge and communication gaps between collaboration stakeholders. AB - The trend towards a more sensitive, adaptive, and responsive built environment has led to the concept of smart spaces.

Semantic visualization for smart spaces Merging the material and digital worlds: Dissertation. BA Intelligent industry I. Abstract The trend towards a more sensitive, adaptive, and responsive built environment has led to the concept of smart spaces.

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Fingerprint Merging. Life cycle. Keywords smart space multidisciplinary collaboration life-cycle management semantic technologies information visualization.

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