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Art deco (c.1908 to 1935)

Set of two paper knives, fruit knife and six coffee spoons, Prince Bojidar Karageorgevitch, about , France. Museum no. Tiara comb and bodice ornament, Rene Lalique, — 4, France. Museum nos. Cabinet, Louis Majorelle, about , France.

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Poster advertising Job cigarette paper, Alphonse Mucha, Armchair, Louis Majorelle, — , France. Desk, Hector Guimard, about , France. Cast iron balcony front, Hector Guimard, about , France. The Climax, print, Aubrey Beardsley, , England. Design for The Golden Lion public house, — , England.

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Vanags, P. Pole, B. Art Nouveau extended beyond architecture, and influenced the designers of furniture, silverware, porcelain, linens, and clothing. Art Nouveau was the first example of modern design, which gathered strength after the First World War and continued to develop throughout the course of the century.

Art Nouveau Floral Motifs for Hand Embroidery

Art Noveau was a reaction to nineteenth-century mass production. Designers emphasized that every house and object should be a work of art. Homes designed in the Art Nouveau style had everything from door handles to window latches specially designed and handmade by a craftsman. People did not just take an industrially manufactured product and put it to use. Fans of modernism who are tired of standardization of contemporary European interiors are encouraged to pay a pilgrimage to the Art Nouveau Museum on Alberta Street.

The restored apartment is filled with authentic design objects constructed between and World War I in cities throughout Europe, particularly Paris, Brussels, Vienna, and St. These include period mirrors, cabinets, armoires, and sideboards, as well as authentically upholstered couches, settees, and chairs.


You can enjoy the view of the magnificent edifice across the street, built by Mikhail Eisenstein in Two historical gramophones located in the rooms are brought to life by one of the costumed tour guides, instantly conjuring up the feel of a turn of the century cocktail party. Instead of referring to a brand name, as a similarly placed logo would today, the phrase instead signifies the object itself the incomparable water closet which was certainly a luxury in those days of outhouses and communal hallway lavatories.

6 Tips to Paint Like Mucha - Art Nouveau Speedpaint

It contains an early model refrigerator, complete with a separate compartment for ice blocks and a faucet to drain melted water, as well as a fascinating bread-slicing device that looks like an oversized cigar cutter. The tiny room for the maid is just steps from the massive wood-burning stove. For those interested in mastering the art of Latvian cooking, the shelf in the kitchen also holds a copy of a local Latvian-language cookbook, dated Interiors of the Art Nouveau period eschewed all natural surfaces, such as the exposed bricks and sanded wooden floors that are so fashionable today.

Likewise, ceilings and walls featured stylized images of objects from nature such as stencilled pinecones, garlands, or flowers rather than realistic representations of the things themselves.

Adherents of the Art Nouveau favoured artistry above all else: the intricate and elaborate creations of the human mind and its infinite capacity for imagination. Tensely articulated lines, geometric figures or stylized ornaments depicting plants, and masks, and extended proportions appeared in the early stages of Art Nouveau development.

The most characteristic examples are buildings on and near Alberta Street designed by M.


Eisenstein, and several buildings designed by H. Alksnis and other architects.

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Perpendicular Art Nouveau spread after when romantic stylized motifs slowly disappeared from building facades. Vertical elements were emphasized in the facade. Bay windows and reliefs were strongly articulated and outwardly projecting strips extend upward for several floors. admin