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Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. The fifth volume of the Wiley Series in Environmentally Conscious Engineering, Environmentally Conscious Transportation provides a foundation for understanding and implementing methods for reducing the environmental impact of a wide range of transportatio. Customer Reviews. Riding a bicycle instead of driving a car enormously contributes to ridding the atmosphere of greenhouse gasses. You can buy a bicycle at really reasonable prices these days.

Buying and maintenance cost is only fraction of that required for car. With an electric bike, only light peddling is needed. The speed of electric bikes is greatly regulated by law, though. Some countries limit electric bike speeds at 20 mph. Still, in other countries, you must have a special registration, license, and insurance to be able to ride an electric bike.

Some notable kinds of electric vehicles include cars, motorcycles, Lorries, trains, boats, and scooters.

Electric vehicles powered entirely by electricity do not emit any dangerous gasses, even though the toxic emissions might be produced by plants generating the electricity. Still, the power can be tapped from renewable technologies like geothermal, hydroelectric, solar power and wind turbines. Opting for green vehicles powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies puts less pressure on the environment as compared to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles running on petrol or diesel.

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With most world governments now dedicated to supporting green transportation than ever, trains are getting increasingly greener with hybrid locomotives and other innovative green technologies. The innovative hybrid locomotives utilize similar technologies applied in hybrid cars. The modern electric trains make use of electrified third rail, overhead lines or devices that store up energy like fuel cells and batteries.

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The advantage of these electric trains is that they travel at tops speeds of more than mph, yet maintaining high levels of safety. Like other electric vehicles , electric motorcycles do not give off emissions. They are typically battery powered. Nonetheless, pollution may occur as a result of generation of grid electricity utilized to charge electric bike batteries.

California Claims 6 of the Nation’s Top 10 Environmentally Friendly Cities in 2018

Electric motorcycles, however, come with a huge price tag. Some top range motorcycles even have their parts designed from recycled materials. Some prototypes leverage fuel technology and experts are projecting that they may be mass produced in the near future. EPA report here. How about steel or tin?

These are your vegetable or soup cans. Typically, steel and tin are easily recyclable. I have mixed feeling about paper packaging. On the other hand producing paper has a huge carbon footprint and very high water usage. We also have very few reliable ways to find out where paper packaging comes from. That being said, there are plenty of products being offered that contain recycled paper, which does offset the need for new trees to be taken down.

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Luckily, many companies that package their products in paper or cardboard are environmentally aware and do use recycled materials. Other mixed papers are not. That being said, it has a massive impact on the environment and, if purchased, should be used many times before retiring.