European Communities Health and Safety Legislation

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General principles of EU OSH legislation

Therefore, legislative requirements in the field of safety and health at work can vary across EU Member States. Workplaces, equipment, signs, personal protective equipment. Exposure to chemical agents and chemical safety. Exposure to physical hazards. Exposure to biological agents. Provisions on workload, ergonomical and psychosocial risks. Sector specific and worker related provisions. Directive summaries are available only in English, but links at the end of each summary lead to the full text of the directive in all EU languages.

In addition to the Framework Directive, a series of individual directives focusing on specific aspects of safety and health at work were adopted. Nevertheless, the Framework Directive continues to apply to all areas covered by the individual directives.

National Legislation

Where individual directives contain more stringent and specific provisions, these special provisions prevail. Individual directives tailor the principles of the Framework Directive to:. The main character in these films — known as Napo [16] — is essentially a typical employee who can be the victim of situations over which he has no control but he can also identify hazards or risks, and make good suggestions to improve safety and work organisation.

The films are all language-free, making them widely accessible, and have won a number of awards. Napo has become somewhat of a mascot for EU-OSHA's campaigning activities, and is now being used to introduce health and safety issues to children in primary schools Napo for teachers [17]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved Agencies of the European Union. Reconstruction transferred to DG Enlargement. Occupational safety and health.

Safety and health legislation - Safety and health at work - EU-OSHA

Occupational hazard Biological hazard Chemical hazard Physical hazard Psychosocial hazard Hierarchy of hazard controls Prevention through design Exposure assessment Occupational exposure limit Occupational epidemiology Workplace health surveillance. Environmental health Industrial engineering Occupational health nursing Occupational health psychology Occupational medicine Occupational therapist Safety engineering.

Checklist Code of practice Contingency plan Diving safety Emergency procedure Emergency evacuation Hazard Hierarchy of hazard controls Hazard elimination Administrative controls Engineering controls Hazard substitution Personal protective equipment Job safety analysis Lockout-tagout Permit To Work Operations manual Redundancy engineering Risk assessment Safety culture Standard operating procedure.

Diving regulations. Namespaces Article Talk. Certification is about conformity assessment in order to declare compliance with EU regulatory requirements.

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For the majority of exported products, compliance is visibly testified by the manufacturer through the use of CE marking. Use of standards is part of the process.

General Principles of Food Law

Bearing in mind that testing and certification for the U. Since EU legislation harmonizes mandatory requirements for product safety throughout the European Union, a manufacturer only needs to go through the process once and can then export to all 28 EU member states and beyond. With appropriate certification, goods travel freely within the borders of the Single Market. Where to start?

EU Legislation

As a first step, we recommend the websites listed below for an introduction to the range of legislation and standards that may be applicable to your product s. Contact us for in-depth counseling on EU standards, product testing, and certification requirements. CE Marking Step-by-Step 1.

Find the applicable directive legislation 3. Determine the essential requirements in the directive usually Annex I 4.

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Note the harmonized European EN standards 5. Locate Notified Bodies accredited test laboratories — if required!

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European Accreditation European Union law portal. European Union legislation and standards created under the so-called New Approach are harmonized across the Member States and European Economic Area countries to allow for the free flow of goods.

New approach laws require the use by the manufacturer of CE marking. The concept of New Approach legislation is slowly disappearing as the New Legislative Framework NLF , which entered into force in January , was put in place to serve as a blueprint for existing and future CE marking legislation. Existing legislation has been reviewed to bring them in line with the NLF concepts , which means that, since , new requirements are being addressed and new reference numbers are to be used on declarations of conformity. For more information about the NLF.

While harmonization of EU legislation can facilitate access to the EU Single Market, manufacturers should be aware that regulations mandatory and technical standards voluntary might also function as barriers to trade if U. Agricultural Standards. The establishment of harmonized EU rules and standards in the food sector has been ongoing for several decades, and in January the EU publicized a general food law establishing the general principles of EU food law.