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We'd have to be the crappiest mature independent thinkers ever if the best "radical" language choice we could come up with was VB. Our choice of language is driven by purely pragmatic reasons. We use VB because we want to be part of the herd. VB developers are smart: they realize that moving with the herd confers certain advantages.

A huge part of VB's productivity story was the market potential of such a large group of developers. Choosing VB.

NET, in the current state of the. NET world, is unusual. And that's fundamentally at odds with the design ethic and history of the language.

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This isn't Ruby, or Python, or Haskell. In the old VB world, you could cherry pick the best third party tools from huge catalogs. The market was so vast that vendors would be nuts not to offer a VB-specific version of their product. But in the current VB. NET world we're living in, there's no VB. NET version of Resharper.

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And this phenomenon isn't limited to third-party tools. Code samples. Enterprise library. Open-source projects. You name it, it's easier, faster, and better in the language that the rest of the herd is using. Which is something VB used to have going for it. And they have a point : This isn't conjecture.

The .Net Framework

Independent market researchers across the industry i. Is this the swan song for a hard-working, approachable language that was once the planet's most popular programming dialect? Here's one of many compelling examples. Note that, while declining, classic VB still tops the list, while VB. NET brings up the rear.

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And how about this Evans Data Corp survey : 43 percent of [Visual Basic] developers surveyed plan to cut back on their use of the popular Microsoft development platform. Of those saying they plan to reduce their use of Visual Basic, 37 percent plan to migrate to Visual Basic. NET courses to help students quickly and conveniently add Visual Basic to their repertoires. The course is presented as a mixture of lectures, demos and hands-on exercises.

Practical sessions follow all main topics, designed to reinforce the points covered. NET training course provides an overview of Visual Basic, including navigating Visual Studio, understanding objects, priorities, methods, and collections. You will start this course by learning how to install and use the Visual Studio. In this training course, you will develop the skills to leverage the object-oriented capabilities of Visual Basic to create multi-tier applications that include relational database access.


The course starts from scratch and hence it is ideal for any beginner. Net certification course with placements comes as an exciting learning package for all those IT job seekers looking for some resilient and robust IT training experience. We have a great understanding of the student requirement, who always looks for a quick yet worthy splurge of knowledge at an affordable cost and with an incredible coaching — Softlogic Academy is here to provide just that, the best coaching and learning experience one can access among the various vb.

VB Bob's Burgers Pt1 - Food Ordering in Visual Basic

NET courses appeal to aspiring IT workers who want to shift from either management or coding, into more comprehensive roles as leaders and visionaries. NET training and certifications can help professionals qualify for jobs such as Enterprise application developers, Web developers, Windows developers etc. In addition, this course is for anyone who is interested in VB.

Parallelly, a fundamental understanding of other programming languages too would be complimentary for one to learn the VB. Net programming language. You can contact our help desk to get the details about the course duration and Vb. Net Training in Chennai Fees. The Course Syllabus is updated after each batch of our. NET Training, so as to enhance the quality of training as per observation. Although I have been a developer for over 8 years, I had very little exposure to the vb.

NET ecosystem. This class was a great introduction to visual basic and its foundation, and also the. NET framework as a whole. I recently completed this Vb. If you are looking for a course that teaches the core fundamentals of vb. Aside from the course, the training facilities are very well planned and arranged. I would definitely consider taking another course at Softlogic Academy, the best training institute for vb.

The Slow Brain Death of VB.NET

Softlogic Academy provides good training that is easy to understand by anyone. The classroom environment that they have set up allows you to learn the contents of the course effectively. The material is sufficient for different skill levels and gives adequate exposure to Vb.

The instructor was also very willing to help students with general problems beyond the class material , and specific problems that they were trying to solve. The facilities were also very nice and it was a pleasure studying here. I learned so much about this subject, vb. Although we concentrated on using Visual Studio, I discovered that so much of other controls were also available in Expressions Web.

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Recently I attended this vb. New to Vb. Thank You, SLA. I recently finished a class at SLA. I came into the class with a little experience in vb. admin