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In France , however, this is considered insulting as it suggests the hosts are unable to provide their own good wine. However, bringing flowers to the hostess is never a faux pas, although one sometimes needs to be careful which kind of flowers to bring. The term comes from French and literally means "false step". However, it is a formal rather than everyday expression in French and does not generally have the figurative meaning used in English.

It is occasionally employed to describe a physical loss of balance or general mistakes for instance: mes faux pas dans la vie , the mistakes I made in my life.

The Faux Pas

If one uses faux pas with the English meaning in France, people might think it was a slight grammatical mistake with faut pas , the colloquial pronunciation of il ne faut pas , meaning must not in English. For faux pas with the English meaning, the French would usually say gaffe or erreur. For a more broad list, see List of faux pas.

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Brazil ; Doing the American OK sign is considered highly offensive similar to the finger. China : Giving someone a timepiece as a gift. Traditional superstitions regard this as counting the seconds to the recipient's death. This is the British English definition of faux pas. View American English definition of faux pas. Change your default dictionary to American English.

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