Financial Times Guide to Using the Financial Pages, 5th Edition

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Essentials of Corporate Financial Management, 2nd edition. Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 8th edition. Research Methods for Business Students, 6th edition.

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Frank Wood's Business Accounting, Vol. Management Accounting for Decision Makers, 7th edition.

Financial Times' Martin Wolf on the Global Finance System

Consumer Behaviour: A European Outlook, 2nd edition. Financial Management for Decision Makers, 6th edition.

Books Kinokuniya: Corporate Financial Management (5th) / Arnold, Glen, Ph.D. ()

Financial Accounting for Decision Makers, 6th edition. Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions, 4th edition. Financial Accounting, 4th edition An International Introduction. Financial Times Guide to Corporate Valuation, 2nd edition. Marketing Communications, 4th edition. Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 7th edition.

Research Methods in Business Studies, 4th edition. Analysis for Managers: Financial Times Guide. Financial Times Guide to Investing, 2nd edition.

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Inspire :How to keep your customers when your competitors can't. Management Accounting for Decision Makers, 6th edition. Business Finance, 8th edition Business Finance has a real-world flavour, exploring the theories surrounding financial decision making and relating these theories to what happens in the real world. Exploring Public Relations The first edition, which published in , has sold in its thousands and is now essential reading on courses in PR at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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Marketing Management: First European Edition The American edition of Marketing Management is the world's leading marketing text because its content and organization consistently reflect changes in marketing theory and practice. Understanding the Business Environment, 3rd edition Clearly and accessibly, the book examines the external and competitive environment of business, as well as the structure, culture, resources and functions inside organisations.

Business of Tourism Holloway et al place emphasis on the practical operational aspects of the tourism industry, making this book well-suited to students who intend to one day work in Tourism. Financial Accounting: An Introduction Without over-simplifying the subject, Augustine Benedict and Barry Elliott have created a progressive guide to financial accounting which tackles not only the fundamentals, but also includes coverage of new and emerging topics - chief among them IFRS.

Research Methods for Business Students, 5th edition A comprehensive introduction to research methods in business for students planning or undertaking a dissertation or extensive research project in business and management.

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Brilliant Project Management Through its engaging and entertaining approach, Brilliant Project Management does more than just talk you through the process. Industrial Organization: Competition, Strategy, Policy, 3rd edition This new third edition continues to highlight the strong link between the theory and analysis of industrial economics using engaging case studies.

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It assumes no specialised prior knowledge of finance theory and provides an authoritative and comprehensive r By Khan-Panni, Philip. The critical knowledge you need to plan, write and deliver your next presentation with maximum impact. Written by a co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association, this book focuses on getting you the results you need from your presentation, whether you are selling a product A practical and clear guide showing you how to lead and secure a win: win outcome in all your business deals.

Whether you are writing a proposal, a report, a presentation or an email, this book will show you how to write to persuade staff, colleagues, board directors and customers. Gives you the confidence to ask the right business questions, make the correct finance decisions and competently speak the language of commerce to your colleagues, managers, customers and stakeholders. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases.

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  4. Last 12 months. Older than 12 months. So these ideas will appeal for it seems they can be applied to almost any kind of business and seem simple and quick to use. Definitely worth looking into it. A hardy perennial that comes back every year, this book, seems worth dipping into now and then or sitting down and reading from cover to cover if you are so inclined for its ideas on starting, running and developing a small business.

    At a time when an entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial skills are said, by some, to be the way out of global recession, this will be a welcome addition to the library of books giving advice and guidance.

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    It is certainly brimming with ideas, seems readable and full of lively insights. As near as many of us will get to attending that august institution and therefore worth opening up for that alone, this seems, not surprisingly, to be full of useful insights and information that could be used to help everyone be better at business.

    Cleverly written, it is also humorous and, therefore, one to curl up with by the fire or the air condition depending on where you are in the world.