Homological Algebra: The Interplay of Homology with Distributive Lattices and Orthodox Semigroups

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Shihoko Ishii. The Moment Problem. Basic Abstract Algebra. Robert B. Mathematical Concepts. Matroids: A Geometric Introduction.

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Gary Gordon. The Geometry of the Octonions.

On the Form of Subobjects in Semi-Abelian and Regular Protomodular Categories

Tevian Dray. Analytic Aspects of Convexity. Gabriele Bianchi. Local Cohomology. Periods and Nori Motives. Annette Huber. Raffaele de Amicis. Women in Numbers Europe. Minimal Free Resolutions over Complete Intersections. David Eisenbud. Groups, Matrices, and Vector Spaces.

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James B. Elena Guardo. Concentration of Measure for the Analysis of Randomized Algorithms. Alessandro Panconesi. Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry. Aldo Conca. Cox Rings. Ivan Arzhantsev. Factoring Ideals in Integral Domains. Marco Fontana. Etale Cohomology Theory. Lei Fu. Logical Frameworks for Truth and Abstraction. Lecture Notes on Local Rings. Birger Iversen. Geometry of Continued Fractions.

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McIntyre and T. Trimble, The geometry of Gray-categories, Advances in Math. Low-dimensional topology and higher-order categories, Proceedings of CT95 , Halifax, July ; pdf. Verschoren, ; MR99d; pdf. Descent theory notes of three lectures presented at Oberwolfach , September ; pdf. Day Monoidal bicategories and Hopf algebroids, Advances in Math. Freyd, P. O'Hearn, A. Power, M.

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Pallo and J. Stasheff, Progress in Mathematics Birkhauser, 29 June The core of adjoint functors, Theory and Applications of Categories 27 4 20 12 Categories in categories, and size matters, Higher Structures , to appear pdf. Porst Generalizations of the Sweedler dual, Applied Categorical Structures in the volume to the memory of Horst Herrlich 24 Wreaths, mixed wreaths and twisted coactions, Tbilisi Mathematical Journal in the volume in honour of Peter Freyd and Bill Lawvere 10 3 Arrives by Thursday, Oct 3.

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