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Lasser's Your Income Tax will help you plan and file your tax return in the most efficient way possible. Lasser's Your Income Tax For Preparing Your Tax Return.

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Bringing needed clarity to one of today's most challenging subjects, Austerity charts a sensible approach based on data analysis rather than ideology. Lasser's Your Income Tax J. America's most trusted tax advice, backed by detailed citations of authoritative tax referencesJ. Lasser's Your Income Tax Professional Edition is the tax preparer's guide to smart tax filing and planning. The Professional Edition not only includes the trusted guidance, clear advice, and money-saving tips featured in Your Income Tax, but also provides citations of tax authorities to help tax professionals easily locate the law, IRS rulings and court decisions that support the text.

Fully up to date with the newest changes for tax returns, expert guidance from J. Lasser helps you maximize deductions and shelter income while providing hundreds of examples of how tax laws apply to individual situations. While evolving tax law can get very complex very quickly, this invaluable guide is designed to help you find the answers you need without wading through volumes of the Internal Revenue Code or IRS materials.


Special icons call out new laws, IRS rulings, court decisions, filing pointers and planning strategies, allowing you to locate important information without breaking your workflow. Keeping up with changes to tax law is itself a full-time job--if it's not your full-time job, let the experts at J. Lasser do the legwork for you! Read from beginning to end or dip in and out as needed--this exceptional resource will help you: Get expert answers to tough tax situations quickly Navigate new laws, court decisions, IRS rulings, and more Locate authoritative sources easily with citations of references from the Code, the courts and the IRS.

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Avoid common pitfalls and adopt smart planning strategies for next year Accessible, down-to-earth tax advice is always appreciated, but professional tax preparers need more--such as authoritative sources to back their advice and clarify tricky situations that their clients may encounter. Lasser's Your Income Tax Professional Edition provides a quick one-stop resource for every tax pro, merging detailed citations with America's most trusted tax advice for over 65 years.

This concise introduction to the economic theories of taxation is intuitive yet rigorous, relating the theories both to existing tax systems and to key empirical studies. The Economics of Taxation offers a thorough discussion of the consequences of taxes on economic decisions and equilibrium outcomes, as well as useful insights into how policy makers should design taxes.

It covers such issues of central policy importance as taxation of income from capital, environmental taxation, and tax credits for low-income families. This second edition has been significantly revised and updated. Changes include a substantially rewritten chapter on direct taxation; a discussion of recent research in the chapter on mixed taxation; the replacement of the chapter on capital taxation with a chapter on the "new dynamic public finance"; and considerations of environmental taxation in both theory and policy chapters.

The book is aimed at graduate students or advanced undergraduates taking public finance classes as well as economists who want to learn more about the topic. It combines discussion of theory, empirical work, and policy objectives in compact form. Appendixes provide necessary background material on consumer and producer theory and the theory of optimal control. Published as part of a two-volume set, this highly practical tax book provides expert guidance on how to approach real-life computations by detailing all the relevant points from current legislation, case law and other official material in the required format.

Written by tax experts who are renowned not only for their technical skills but also for their ability to make sense of complex subjects. Required reading for all students in professional tax examinations. Its alphabetical, topic-organised presentation, with extensive cross-referencing, supported by full details of source materials and a wide-ranging index, will lead you quickly and directly to the information you require.

Numerous fully-updated worked examples provide further clarification of the more complex points. The main edition includes all relevant provisions of the FA It is suitable for tax students and practitioners. BPP Learning Media is proud to publish a range of comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable materials for the CTA, the leading professional body for tax compliance services and related activities in the UK. For ten boom-powered years at the turn of the twenty-first century, some of America's most prominent law and accounting firms created and marketed products that enabled the very rich -- including newly minted dot-com millionaires -- to avoid paying their fair share of taxes by claiming benefits not recognized by law.

They brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in fees from clients and bilked the U. Treasury of billions in revenues before the IRS and Justice Department stepped in with civil penalties and criminal prosecutions.

In Confidence Games, Tanina Rostain and Milton Regan describe the rise and fall of the tax shelter industry during this period, offering a riveting account of the most serious episode of professional misconduct in the history of the American bar. Mine your paperwork for write-off opportunities, and claim your tax breaks correctly; easy-to-follow instructions give you clear guidance through the maze of worksheets to help you reclaim what is legally yours. Echoing cries of "Can I claim?

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Find answers, save money, and streamline the filing process. Deductions and credits were put in place precisely to help everyday people like yourself keep more of their hard-earned money—but only if you claim them. Instead of mounting an expedition into impenetrable tax code, let an expert do the legwork for you: J. Lasser's Deductions and Tax Breaks gives you the straightforward, no-nonsense information you need to stop overpaying and keep more of what's yours.

If you're thinking about starting a business, or have already begun one, you are not alone. There are more than 23 million workers who are already self-employed and file Schedule C to report their income and expenses. As a self-employed person you have to handle many, if not all, of the aspects of running your business.

Lasser's Guide to Self-Employment is intended to help you with some business aspects with which you may not be familiar—but which have a great impact on your bottom line. It skillfully focuses on taxes as well as many legal and financial matters that may pertain to your business. Informative and accessible, J.

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Lasser's Guide to Self-Employment is designed for you, the self-employed person working alone as a service provider, to help pin down all of the tax breaks to which you may be entitled. Divided into three comprehensive parts, this reliable resource will help you:. Don't be intimidated by taxes and other responsibilities of being self-employed. Instead, embrace the opportunities that a better understanding of tax, legal, and financial responsibilities can produce.

Let J. Lasser's Guide to Self-Employment show you how. Don't forget to view the free online supplement to this book at JKLasser. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Lasser Book David S. You have to be proactive. If you're looking to avoid unwelcome surprises at tax time, pick up J. Lasser's Year-Round Tax Strategies Whether you invest in stocks or mutual funds, own a home, work from home, or own a business, this invaluable book provides tax-saving strategies that will guide you throughout the year-ensuring a shock-free April 15th.

Plan ahead, prepare for new tax laws, and pay fewer taxes with the help of J. They are frequent speakers at tax-planning seminars and have both been named by Washingtonian magazine as among the top financial professionals in the Washington, D. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet. Content Protection. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are.

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Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Book Plain-English explanations of the new tax laws Each year, complicated new tax laws are created-and this year is no exception.