Religious and Sexual Identities: A Multi-Faith Exploration of Young Adults

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Homophobia and ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom. Introduction to the sociological case studies.

Religious and Sexual Identities

In: L. Re-framing the intersection between religion, gender and sexuality in everyday life. Hindu, Muslim and Sikh young adults: Gendered practices in the negotiation of sexuality and relationship. HUNT, S. Risk and imagined future: Young adults negotiating and balancing religious and sexual identities.

Religious young adults recounting the past: Narrating sexual and religious cultures in school Journal of Beliefs and Values. University of Nottingham. Living spirituality and sexuality: a comparison of lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians in France and Britain Social Compass.

Asking awkward questions about religion and sexuality - Katie Vardy - [email protected]

Looking for Allah: Spiritual quests of queer Muslims. Queerness and sangha: Exploring Buddhist lives. Transgendering Christianity. Researching lesbian, gay, and bisexual Christians and Muslims: Some thematic reflections Sociological Research Online.

Changing religion, changing faith: Reflections on the transformative strategies of lesbian, gay, and bisexual Christians and Muslims Journal of Faith, Spirituality and Social Change. Sexual orientation discrimination in religious communities. Queering religious texts: an exploration of British non-heterosexual Christians' and Muslims' strategy of constructing sexuality-affirming hermeneutics Sociology. Negotiating space with family and kin in identity construction: the narratives of British non-heterosexual Muslims The Sociological Review.

Ageing in non-heterosexual context Ageing and Society. Embracing Allah and Sexuality? Minderheit in der Minderheit: Nicht hetrosexuelle Britische Muslime. By name united, by sex divided: A brief analysis of the current crisis facing the Anglican Communion Sociological Research Online. Uneven possibilities: Understanding non-hetrosexual ageing and the implications of social change Sociological Research Online.

Same-sex marriage: Contrasting perspectives among lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians Feminism and Psychology.

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Reflections on Islam and Homosexuality Anthropology Today. Sexuality and the Church Sexualities. The social and policy implications of non-heterosexual ageing Quality in Ageing. The self as the basis of religious faith: Spirituality of gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians. Spirituality and sexuality: The religious beliefs of non-heterosexual Christians in Great Britain Theology and Sexuality. Same-sex relationships. The persistence of faith among non-heterosexual Christians: Evidence for the neosecularisation thesis of religious transformation Journal for the Scientifc Study of Religion.

Active ageing: An impossible dream for non-hetrosexuals.


Birmingham: The University of Birmingham Press. Controversies in the public arena regarding religion and sexual identity often construct these categories as inherently oppositional or already in conflict. There is currently an acute lack of scholarly engagement with Buddhism and youth. Based on ground-breaking empirical research, Understanding Young Buddhists: Living out Ethical Journeys explores the stories of young Buddhists, through a rich analysis of their lived experiences. Page and Yip explore their journeying into Buddhism, their Buddhist belief and practice, their management of sexuality, and their social positioning in relation to family and kin, friendship networks, youth culture, and occupational aspirations.

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Using lived religion as a theoretical lens, and bringing into dialogue research on Buddhism and youth, Understanding Young Buddhists convincingly demonstrates the resourcefulness and creativity of young Buddhists in developing ethics for life, as they negotiate the diverse challenges and opportunities in their journeys of life. Editors: Ralph L. Piedmont and Andrew Village. The 25th volume of Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion continues to provide readers with an interdisciplinary assortment of high quality research studies aimed at capturing salient, contemporary trends in the field.

The current volume presents a special section examining the role of spiritual and religious themes in sexuality research.

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Engaging analyses evaluate homonegativity and how religious advocacy influences perceptions of gay and lesbian individuals across different cultures. Also included are papers on the development of sexual identities among religious committed individuals. These papers help to connect concepts too frequently considered unrelated.

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