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What Am I Doing Here? For the Love of God, Marie! Back To Top. Country of delivery:. Enter your postcode: optional. Send my basket. Continue Shopping. In September , Hubbard was informed that it was safe for him to return to the ship, and he traveled with Paul Preston to Lisbon. On Tenerife, Hubbard was riding his motorcycle when it skidded on gravel and he lost control of the vehicle. Injured by the accident, he agreed to be seen by a local doctor and was prescribed painkillers.

Several of Hubbard's Messengers would later recall the motorcycle accident as a turning point in Hubbard's mood. Jill Goodman reported "Before the motor-cycle accident he was a very nice, friendly person Afterwards, he was a complete pain in the ass. On May 28, , Hubbard applied to the Navy Department for the war medals he had falsely claimed to have been awarded.

L. Ron Hubbard

Biographer Russell Miller cites this event as evidence that "perhaps indicated that he was losing his facility to distinguish, even in his own mind, between fact and fiction". In Summer , Hubbard organized the "Apollo Stars", a band made up of volunteers from the ship's crew. His son Quentin enjoyed dancing with the troupe so much that his father forbade him to perform. While the ship was docked at Funchal, Quentin attempted suicide by swallowing pills. Hubbard induced vomiting and then assigned Quentin to the RPF. Stones and bottles were thrown, and the crowd threw the two of the ship's cars into the harbor.

George, Bermuda.

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In Spring , while the ship was docked at St. Vincent, the crew was visited by Harry Ross Hubbard, L. Ron's year-old father. The crew was instructed to conceal all evidence of Scientology from Hubbard's father.

Safe Harbour Book 2 Hubbard`s Point Black Hall series

He spent two days in intensive care and another three weeks in the hospital. Meanwhile, Sea Org members began to enter the US via multiple points in order to not arouse suspicious, with their shared ultimate destination being The Neptune in Daytona Beach. On January 28, , Scientologist Arthur J. Quinn and Allie Grayson sat on the wall by the road, waiting for Aunt Dana to arrive from the airport. She lived in France.

She was an artist. She was different from every single person they knew. Every time a car drove down their dead-end street, they craned their necks and Quinn felt a funny flip in her stomach.

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She wondered whether Allie felt it too, but she didn't want to ask. Back, forth, and back again. What do you think they're doing?

L. Ron Hubbard Hagiography

Their yard is a showplace. She had picked it up from hanging around their grandmother, who was inside the house, way too much. A different neighbor, Mrs. McCray, rolled down the window of her blue car and smiled.

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McCray had owned her house forever, had known their mother and aunt since they were younger than Quinn and Allie were now. She was old with white-blue hair, and her rocks had the best tidal pools with the most crabs and starfish. Any minute now," Allie said, but Quinn just stared straight ahead. To think of her coming all the way from Europe for an art opening!

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Some artists work all their lives without becoming known. We are all so proud of her. She and your mother got their start painting on my rocks, you know.

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