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Social communication — a communication approach, used in these types of campaigns — establishes dialogue or conditions for dialogue, while its purpose is a more democratic distribution of power in society. Therefore, it opens a space for public debate, reasoned exchange of opinions and consequently, reflection on current social reality.

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What does Slovenia invigorate? It also exceeds the limitations of virtual space by offering printable communication tools anyone use to express their support of the campaign, the intention of which is to advance debate in public communication space. Conceptual, creative and tactical interactions. This is also the spirit of this campaign.

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We expect to be able to build upon the feedback from a three-month advertising campaign concentrated in Austria, Germany and Italy. It began in May and its effects are now being measured and will be known by the end of summer. The initial feedback suggests that it is stimulating a lot of interest in these markets.

There are a number of critics of this campaign. Some emphasize that it deals with something so general that it cannot be linked to anything concrete that would simplify recognition of Slovenia.

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Others have said that another slogan is being used rather than icons and that slogans change so quickly that they cannot be remembered The decision was not an easy one. Experts from various fields, tourism, marketing, etc.

Slovenia's promotion on foreign markets

We kept the visuals from the previous campaign and incorporated them with the new slogan. Every slogan or statement should have a certain level of credibility behind it. Experience shows that not only tourism, but also sports and culture reflect that — after all, Slovenia was the most developed EU candidate. We also wanted to incorporate a certain level of self-confidence.

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With all its attributes and in spite of its small size, Slovenia shows that it not only invigorates its guests but also strives to offer something to its neighbours and the EU. There are critics of the campaign, which is normal. It draws attention. But we should keep in mind that the campaign is being targeted towards foreign markets, actually it is the first one that incorporates all aspects of the country.

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France has the Eiffel tower and Holland its windmills, if you had to choose a symbol, an icon to identify Slovenia, what would you propose It is essential that Slovenia promotes its trademarks and icons and our campaigns incorporate these elements. However, Slovenia needs to be presented not only as a traditional country but as a combination of both our excellently preserved heritage and our modern attributes, including stability, that will guarantee an unforgettable experience. What kind of challenges or advantages does being a part of the European Union offer?

We began analyzing the situation in earnest two years ago and it became clear that joining the EU would mean neither one thing nor another if we remained passive. We see the EU as a new opportunity that we should take; something that can give us further impetus. As I mentioned previously, Slovenia already welcomes three quarters of its guests from EU countries and we are well positioned to exploit all this knowledge and experience. This is the major challenge and a philosophy that will pave our way forward.

Does this kind of publicity bring notable results in terms of demand? Naturally — every rating from an objective source such as this affects demand — one way or another.

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We view each market separately and approach them individually with specific techniques tailored to that market or market sector. Do we have the facilities, in accommodation for instance, to cope with the demand?

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  • Slovenia invigorates with its entry into the European Union | TravelDailyNews International.

Slovenia constantly invests in new and better facilities. They are being upgraded and expanded to include things such as golf courses, swimming pools, recreation areas, etc. There is enough accommodation for our guests; last year the hotels were only fifty per cent full on average, although this is slowly changing. admin