Stone: An Ecology of the Inhuman

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Hikade Thomas - unknown.

Stone and Abraham Stone. Hannah M.

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Richard Turner - - Substance 47 2 Michael C. Corballis - - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 2 Oxford University Press.

Searching for a neolithic polishing stone.

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Applied ethics. History of Western Philosophy. Normative ethics. Philosophy of biology.

Jeffrey Cohen (Dean)

Philosophy of language. Philosophy of mind. Washington, DC: Oliphaunt Books, ISBN DOI: Imprint: Oliphaunt Books.

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Edited by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen. When did you start working on the text, and what was your method? Sitting on the Big Rock was always an essential component of the stories I told: that is, the narratives were always grounded in a time and a place, even if in lithic companionship they attempted to imagine larger prospects. Stone took a lifetime to compose, since I have always been attracted to the substance.

Or maybe the book took about six years to write, with the last three given over almost completely to its composition. Once I understood though that the form of the book might perform its argument because stone is always about recursivity within difference, circuits that open wider at each cycle and yet do come back in time — and once I realized that I could not pretend that the scholarly and the personal are two disjunct realms — then Stone began to cohere.

stone: an ecology of the inhuman – extreme researcher

I was a little too obsessive with the project. Toward the end I injured my shoulder from poor posture at my laptop, a battle scar I still bear.

Stone hurts! But I will never tire of its contemplation.

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