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Home office with a loft library in timber frame home. The style is created by combining white walls, dark hardwood floors, and a freestanding desk. Home office and study room. Dark floor is contrasted with white bookshelves in this traditional style home library in a country cottage.

Oriental carpet and custom rolling library ladder add style and functionality. Traditional home office and library. With the floor-to-ceiling bookcase Martha Washington chair, and silk tassel trim curtains, this home library is a heaven for any book lover. Hidden library.

It contains several printer cabinets, media cabinets, and drawers for an extensive collection of books and CDs. The most exciting part of the office is a secret entrance to a small adjacent room. Scandinavian stairway library and reading nook. Gorgeous bookcase stairs and a reading nook behind on a way to the upper bedroom in the Svandinavian style flat in France. Modern style transitional library. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a study table are located in the transitional room, creating a wonderful contemporary library lounge.

Old shaped family room and library. The family room in an old house in New York. The wood is covered with English Chestnut color stain. A traditional fireplace surrounded by bookshelves creates a Gothic feeling.

17 Unique Ceiling Design Ideas for Interior Design - Unikavaev

Eclectic bedroom and library. This bedroom in New York features white walls, light hardwood floors, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with a library ladder. Home office library in Austin. This small room is used as a library, office, and a meeting place. Library shelves and the rest of furniture is crafted from Mahogany with a dark brown stain.

Stylish Ideas for Arranging and Organizing Bookcases

Eclectic home office. A small and cozy home office in Toronto. The book collection is displayed by color order. Enjoyed the list? Posts Twitter Facebook. Magnet locked stand positions, 5 feet drop protection, car industry materials, advanced internal structure… Keep reading for more benefits. Here are three easy ways to check out whether an iPad-related item you find on Amazon is eligible for Prime benefits.

You can dive into comparing features and tech specs of the newest Kindle models — but only after you define your own preferences and habits. Reading books on mobile phones is surging in Africa. Bring the non-traditional color choice down on to the walls part way to visually expand the size of the room. A dark ceiling can pull together elements in a way that bold walls would otherwise steal the focus from instead of working in harmony. Instead of simply allowing the building structure to dictate how an open ceiling plan looks, make it purposeful and intentional.

Gray, white, or black ductwork might do the trick in some spaces, but changing it up with a bright paint color can pull the focus and unify the space at the same time. Change the ductwork to match one wall exactly or coat everything in the open ceiling space a complementary but non-standard color that marries industrial and elegant.

Keep the ceiling itself a different color with standard black structural finishes on pipes, beams, and ductwork for a nice contrast. Natural, earthy elements can take a modern, minimal space and instantly add warmth. Bricks are the perfect choices for arches and curved ceilings in a space that has plenty of natural light.

Choose brick colors that complement the furnishings for a cohesive design, and consider using wood throughout to add another degree of warmth to the stone. Herringbone patterns work well with brick and stone for a unique ceiling design, and aspects like stone or brick size and the amount of visible mortar also come into play to create an interesting texture. Rugs, ropes, and rags can change the vibe with little effort, and billowy satins soften up the otherwise hard lines of walls.


Wedding venues are often the place to see drapes of fabric adorning a ceiling, but materials can be used in both homes and retail settings. Get creative with texture and add felted wool balls and roughly torn ribbons suspended from metal rings for a unique ceiling design, or hang long swaths of linen amidst origami birds and soft lighting. Incorporating layers and greenery is also a great one to create a unique space with the ceiling.

Items typically used for outdoor and exterior construction are a bit shocking when seen inside and above.

Low-Budget Decorating Techniques

Cutting the metal into interesting shapes for layering, stacking, or creating patterns gives the material a unique feel. Though metal ceiling can easily create a rustic feel, choosing patterned tin tiles or polished metal perks up the glam factor for more upscale scenes. How does creating a unique ceiling design AND helping the environment sound?? Yeah, it sounds pretty awesome. Hanging wooden crates or pallets from the ceiling adds texture, dimension, and warmth.

Having patrons donate used or broken umbrellas to hang upside down from the ceiling? Even old newspapers, paper bags, and books can be upcycled to create an undeniably unique set of lighting fixtures for that fifth wall, all while saving money and the planet.

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That combo might be the best one yet. A ceiling can be more than a flat surface that protects for the outside elements.

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Bringing in energy-efficient windows that soften the sunlight can help reduce energy costs and make the space a lighter, brighter one. Glass can also be incorporated into the ceiling design by way of hand-blown fixtures that serve as textural, colorful art pieces.

With those and other light fixtures, look for ways to throw shadows on the ceiling. Casting shadows from a light fixture can give the illusion of art, stencils, or other patterns for a truly unique ceiling design without the commitment or paint or installations.

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One final way to make a ceiling unique and interesting is to add stripes. Though stripes that run parallel to the flooring may be the best choice for smaller spaces, any direction is fair game. Stripes that join at different angles, run perpendicularly to the flooring or furnishings, or even conjoin on an angled ceiling are great choices depending on the room size and shape.