The Role of Prescriptivism in American Linguistics 1820-1970

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PRESCRIPTIVISM - Definition and synonyms of prescriptivism in the English dictionary

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Romance Languages - - pages. Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory - - pages. Romance Linguistics by Julia Rogers Herschensohn - - pages. Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Americans have sought in their language behavior to enforce a uniformity and conformity to some absolute Glendon F. Drake, Anne Curzan presents a pioneering new definition of prescriptivism as a linguistic phenomenon.

Anne Curzan, The main topic of the monograph is the description, use and development of the inflectional subjunctive in English and German during the eighteenth century. Anita Auer, Ans van Kemenade, Bettelou Los, In the English-speaking world, and indeed in most languages throughout the world, the overwhelming majority of choices concerning which form is declared to be prescriptively "correct" and which is Rebecca S. Wheeler, Contemporary Readings Harry J. Gensler, Earl W. Spurgin, James Swindal. Moore, a PART Harry J.