Vascular Plant Taxonomy

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Vascular Plant Taxonomy by E, Murrell Zack

With the study extends, the information of invasive plants is also constantly changing, especially in terms of species, quantity, distribution, grade, etc. So it is particularly important to make a comprehensive revision on the basis of the original list. The whole book is divided into two parts: text and appendix. This book includes species of naturalized plants belonging to genera and families in China, and two appendices 66 species of cultivated species and species of domestic species will be provided for the collection of species that have been misreported as naturalized plants in the previous literature.

It provides a scientific name, Chinese name, original document, name source, provincial distribution, origin and detailed references for each naturalized plants. Based on investigation of plant species, the Shanghai Metroflora Project has planned to gridding of about squares of 5 by 5 km, and sorting out the data of plant species, about families genera and wild species, and families genera cultivated species,. And the research work will cover the dynamic changes of both native plants and naturalized plants in Shanghai, including their historical and current situation, and present all information of plants including their basic information of habitat and distribution within 18 Districts Counties of Shanghai.

It was laid a good foundation to write Shanghai Metropolitan Flora in the future.

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Series of Illustrated flora of Shanghai is divided into three volumes: herbs, trees and shrubs, indoor ornamentals. The photos in this book mainly come from the research group first-hand information, basically covers woody plant in Shanghai. We collected a lot of specimens and living material included Aristolochia transsecta, Aristolochia forrestiana and Aristolochia utriformis which accumulated a lot of experimental material for taxonomy and molecular phylogenetic studies.

In addition, we had collected more than 40 species, photographs and whole information of Aristolochia specimens online, which laid a good foundation for further research. The phylogenetic relationships of Aristolochia was constructed based on the combined dataset of two nuclear DNA fragments and five chloroplast DNA regions. Forty more samples of was collected in and included in the analysis.

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The monophyly of this subgenus is strongly supported, which provide evidence for the taxonomic treatment of A. Siphisia as an independent genus. The phylogenetic reconstruction reveals three major clades within this subgenus eastern Asian Clade, North American Clade and Aristolochia serpentaria Clade.

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  5. Rapid radiation has been detected within the Sino-Himalaya group of eastern Asian Clade. The molecular dating analysis and ancestral area reconstruction analysis suggest that, the origin of this subgenus was estimated to be during Paleocene to Oligocene, this genus diversified during Miocene to Pliocene. We focused on the taxonomy treatment, the analysis of morphological variations, and the phylogeny reconstruction of Aristolochia during the year , and completed the following works: 1 37 samples representing 27 species of this genus were collected through field investigation; taxonomic revisions of Aristolochia austroyunnanensis and A.

    Biogeographic analysis revealed multiple vicariance and dispersal events occurred during the Miocene to Pleistocene, and suggested continental drift and climatic oscillations may significantly influenced the formation of present intercontinental disjunct distribution patterns and the diversification of this subgenus. The objectives of this project is dealing with the taxonomic literature of new taxa, name changes, synonyms, records and typifications for all of the vascular plants distributed in China by steps, systematically collecting the information from the literature and digitally publishing the information.

    Specialized researchers will be able to retrieve the specific information after registration. These documents will be browsed, downloaded, borrowed, or accessed using the document delivery services according to the policy of the publisher company or database services. The database of Bibliography of Chinese Vascular Plants for New Taxonomic Data contains the following items: a, Publication information: the name of book or journal, publishing year, volume, number and the page number range; b, Article information: author s , title and language; and c, Taxa information: name of taxon, category of taxonomic treatment, page of taxon, type specimen and the herbaria in where the specimens preserved, distribution in the world and China, and other pertinent information if possible.

    The database will be opened to professional scholars, and information retrieval of all items can be realized through a database entry. Two books in the series will be published before July , covering more than taxonomic literatures from to In the next five years, six books will also be added to fill gaps in the previous literatures, thus forming a complete database of plant taxonomic literature in China since The database website has also been debugged and will be released when the data is finalized.

    In total, there are taxa including species, subspecies and varieties among families, genera, and taxa about DU Cheng M. LI Huiru M. YAN Jing M. Research group of Plant Taxonomy.

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    Beijing: Higher Education Press Chinese. Jinshuang Ma , Peter W. Ball, Geoffrey A. Levin, , Celastraceae. Flora of North America North of Mexico. New York and Oxford. Turland, N. Beijing: Higher Education Press. Papers: 1. Taxon, 66 3 Yunjuan Zuo, Jun Wen, Shiliang Zhou, , Intercontinental and intracontinental biogeography of the eastern Asian - eastern North American disjunct Panax the ginseng genus, Araliaceae , emphasizing its diversification processes in eastern Asia.

    Molecular Phylogenet Evolution, 3. Phytotaxa, 1 : Salicaceae: Scyphostegioideae from southwestern China. Novon, 35 4 : Gray —a newly naturalized species of mainland of China. Guihaia, 38 12 : Journal of Plant Resources and Environment, 26 03 : Plant Science Journal, 35 05 : Chinese Journal of Ecology, 36 9 : Cheng Du, Wendy L. Taxon, 65 2 : — Ecology and Evolution, 6 8 : — Phytotaxa, 1 : — Phytotaxa, 2 : — Upcoming SlideShare.

    Vascular Plant Taxonomy

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