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After two games of such zaniness, Mississippi State coach Ron Polk told Rebel officials his team would not take the field at Swayze for game three of an important series if George was the public-address announcer. George was removed and public address went bland.

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This Thursday at Thacker Mountain Radio, after 30 years, we will right that wrong and allow George his rightful place, once again, behind the mike. Paul Zollo. Bob Dylan. Dennis McDougal. Eric Weisbard. Dig If You Will the Picture. Ben Greenman. Perfect from Now On. John Sellers. Corn Flakes with John Lennon. Celebrity Playlist.

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    Desperados Under the Eaves

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    Desperado of Los Angeles

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    Irwin Chusid. Jake Brown. Jingle Jangle Morning. Richie Unterberger. Peter Hogan. A Perfect Haze. There was an error. My Interpretation The overall tone feels like it's about recovery from alcoholism - " I wonder if "the gypsy wasn't lyin'" is a reference to a rehab counselor, because a gypsy is very dubious, as is often the case with rehab counselors who tend have personal experience with addiction.

    In step programs, a counselor would tell you that if you're an alcoholic, you're gonna keep drinking compulsively "All the salty margaritas.. Especially in the sense that alcoholism is often a form of escape from matters of conscience. So he's left listening to the AC hum, but guilty before God angry sun , awaiting his fate as a mortal. Not bad, but here is a little more insight from someone who grew up in Hollywood. As far as gypsy goes there are more than a few fortune tellers in Hollywood, but your thinking fits, about 12 steps. Under the Eaves refers to a shopping center on Sunset Bl.

    It is true that Gower St. This can also be a reference to heavenly powers you allude to in paragraph three, Warren was such a great talent and the line about how California sliding into the ocean but not until he pays his bill at the hotel reminds me of how the always had a clink in his armor or a tweaked wheel.

    Lastly, he has that haunting lyric similar to "Dixie". Flag Pat on February 17, Gower Gulch is were they used to shoot a lot of westerns; the term "drugstore cowboy" came from all the extras from these films who would congregate in the drugstores along Gower drinking coffee and probably whisky.

    Warren Zevon - Desperados Under The Eaves Lyrics | SongMeanings

    This is the true origin of the songs title. Flag dizzoh on March 04, Great call Pat, dizzoh, on the shopping center Gower Gulch!!! It's classic Zevon tongue in cheek!! The cemetery is another good call - it all references mortality. I think I missed a good bit in my original analysis: WZ has this great technique of zeroing in on a theme with visceral images i.

    While the angry sun through the trees is a higher power metaphor, it's also a very real and painful source of sunburn and dehydration to those "desperadoes" on the street - which WZ counters with Air Conditioning. Jeeze, I miss him. Flag Keystroke on April 12, Love this interpretation and also the notes in the replies.

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    Put that together with cemetery to the south, and either way you look you have symbols of both death and fame. I'm not sure if I can link here, but this photo illustrates being able to see both at once: ssl. Yours is a brilliant interpretation.