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Warship - Naval Submarines 8 Details Founded in , The Royal Institution of Naval Architects is an internationally renowned professional institution whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, repair and operation of ships, boats and marine structures. Members of the RINA are widely represented in industry, universities and colleges, and maritime organisations in over countries.

RINA enjoys an outstanding reputation for the quality and range of its technical publications and organises an extensive and successful programme of international conferences, seminars and training courses covering a broad range of experience and opinion on research, development and operation of all aspects of naval architecture and maritime technology. For further information please visit www. View More.

U.S.Navy Active Ship Force Levels, 2007 to 2010

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Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier

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View Section, 2. Evolution from Periscopes to Optronic Mast Systems. View Section, 3. View Section, 4. View Section, 5.

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View Section, 7. The two submarines are also protected by the Sunken Military Craft Act, which is administered by the U. Naval History and Heritage Command has an series of online images of the Pearl Harbor attack and the mini submarines. In describing the craft, all measurements for the submarine are reported with metric measurement and in the English system as many of the American and Australian analyses utilized that system.

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The craft displaced 46 long tons submerged. The basic form of the submarine is round except at the bow, where the sides taper to form an oval, and at the stern, where the diameter decreases to form a point at the propeller shaft gland. As designed and built, the Type A boats are single-hull craft constructed in three sections which bolted together. A rubber gasket separated each section between the flanges. The center section contains the control compartment as well as two fore and aft battery compartments.

List of submarines of the United States Navy - Wikipedia

The stern section contains the electric motor and gearing for the propeller and a free-flooding aft ballast tank. An inventory and description of each compartment was laid out by the U. Navy as part of the examination of HA Medusa , meanwhile, had opened up with its antiaircraft guns at incoming Japanese planes. The first shots missed the periscope, but as the submarine surfaced at , and the conning tower was visible, as well as part of the bow, Curtiss fired twice, reporting they hit the conning tower twice as the submarine fired one torpedo up the North Channel toward the oncoming destroyer USS Monaghan DD Burford, ordered all engines ahead at flank speed and headed straight for the submarine to ram it, and at , the destroyer rammed and passed over the submarine while dropping two depth charges.

A minute later, both charges exploded aft of Monaghan , and the submarine disappeared. The position of the submarine sunk by Monaghan was charted and Navy divers rigged it for recovery within a few weeks of the attack. A heavy lift crane and barge lifted the submarine from the bottom and placed it on a barge for inspection on December There was nothing left of the tubes or their torpedoes. Below the tubes the hull seemed to have been blown outwards to where it was almost flat. Overall the body of the boat showed the wrinkles and indentations typical of exposure to heavy explosions underwater.

Marine Cornelius Smith, Jr. I suppose the torpedoman inside is dead, too. Navy and was said to have come from the dead submarine commander. The insignia suggests to the Japanese that this craft therefore was that of Lt. Naoji Iwasa, commander of the Special Attack Flotilla and whose midget was launched from submarine f I The patch is now preserved at Yasukuni Shrine.

The Monaghan midget resurfaced briefly in when workers improving the quay wall at the sub base hit the buried midget with a dragline while excavating landfill to drive new sheet piles. After digging a deeper trench alongside the exposed hull, they rolled the boat over and reburied it to clear the work area. Buhl during a long distance training dive on June 13, The sub was resting in 76 feet of water, torpedoes in their tubes, and as it was later learned, the hatch was undogged. No human remains were encountered, but the demolition charge and the still live torpedoes gave naval officials pause.

The bow section, with torpedoes, was unbolted, taken to sea and dumped. A number of destroyers reported submarine contacts and actively depth charged them in this general area, and so it is probable that a damaged and out of condition I tou was abandoned by its crew, who may have survived, but most likely died after leaving their flooded, sunken craft.

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