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Symbols of Holiday: The sukkah, the lulav and the etrog. Hag Sameah Happy holiday with a heavy gutteral h at the beginning of the first word and the end of the second. Read more: Sukkot and Simchat Torah Resource Page includes videos, booklets, blessings, articles and more. Hebrew name means: Rejoicing in the Torah. At the end of Sukkot, there is one more holiday to celebrate finishing the reading of the Torah scroll for the year and starting it over again.

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Pronounce it: The ch in Simchat is one of those heavy gutteral ones. Some say simchas to-rah instead. Activities: This is a synagogue holiday with another really long service, but in the middle of it, people get up, process through their building with the scrolls and then dance with them. The more traditional they are, the crazier they get with the dancing. In some congregations the assembled people unroll the Torah scroll and stand in the middle of the parchment before they start the cycle again.

Symbols of Holiday: The Torah scroll, flags that children carry, dancing people. Hag sameah Happy holiday with a heavy gutteral h at the beginning of the first word and the end of the second. When the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing, Jews offered the first fruits of their trees on the Shavuot holiday. The trees had to be at least four years old, and this date was for figuring out the age of the trees. You could call it the official tree birthday.

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Another practice is to plant trees. Symbols of holiday: Trees and tree fruit Greeting? There is no official greeting for this holiday. Hebrew name means: Holocaust day. Europeans commemorate the Holocaust on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Jan. After some debate , the Jewish community as a whole agreed on the 27 of the Hebrew month Nisan, since it was during the period of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, an act of Jewish heroism and resistance, but still falls after Passover.

Pronounce it: Yohm ha-show-ah. Activities: Because this is a new holiday, there are no traditional activities. In many Jewish communities, there are commemorative events. Some light special yahrzeit annual memorial candles. Symbols of holiday: Memorial candles, yellow stars of David, images of the Holocaust. Hebrew name means: Independence day.

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In order to make this political milestone into a religious holiday, Jews decided to tie the holiday to the Hebrew date, Iyar 5. Jews outside the Land of Israel also celebrate this as a holiday.

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  8. Pronounce it: Yohm ha-aatz-mah-oot. When is it: April 29, , April 15, Jewish Holiday Foods: Where Jewish communities hold fairs or other big events, this is a good time to get falafel and other Israeli foods. Activities: In many U.

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    Some religious Jews add celebratory liturgy to weekday prayers. Symbols of holiday: Israeli flags, music, foods. Hebrew name means: Weeks, because it was traditional to count the weeks between Passover and Shavuot. Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mt. It was a pilgrimage holiday when the Temple was standing in Jerusalem, when farmers brought the first fruits of their four-year-old trees.

    Pronounce it: Shah-voo-oat.

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    Some Jews also say Shah-voo-iss. When is it: Starts the evening of June 8, , May 28, , May 17, Jewish Holiday Foods: Dairy foods are traditional on Shavuot, some say because the Jews learned that all their meat was not kosher when they received the Torah! One important traditional food is blintzes. Activities: One of the traditional texts for Shavuot is the book of Ruth. Reform Judaism therefore chose Shavuot as the holiday on which to hold Confirmation ceremonies, when teenagers reaffirm their Jewish beliefs.

    Symbols of holiday: The Ten Commandment tablets, blintzes. Walmart has the best price too!!! Also great for travel, hotels, staying at someone elses home, etc.. Port a bed too!!!! Staple here! I have three children and found these crib sheets for the last two.

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      Change the look of your entire wedding reception simply by choosing a floor-length tablecloth. But what size tablecloth will cover those nasty, industrial-looking legs of a typically round banquet table? admin