Economics and the Price Index (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)

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Such approaches also fail to address the relationship between incorporation of labour into production processes and the gendered re production of labour itself p. Echoing other authors, she notes that men are either neglected in the debates or called on to care more — again pointing to the limits of an agenda focused on the private sphere of caregiving without accompanying macro policies of job creation and public provision p.

Similar arguments for the need to link a human rights approach to social protection, on the one hand, with more expansive macro-economic policies, on the other, are further elaborated by Radhika Balakrishnan and Sonja Thomas.

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The papers by Irene Van Staveren and Marzia Fontana turn to some methods and models that could make gender more visible at the macro level of research and policy advice p. In terms of economy-wide models, improvements in data availability and new generations of CGE Computable General Equilibrium models — reviewed in detail by Marzia Fontana — create the possibilities for more detailed representation of the non-market sphere, unpaid work, household structure, gender biases in markets, and gender-differentiated impacts.

However, these issues are often incorporated in very partial ways or not at all.

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It illuminates why the issues elaborated in previous chapters need to be brought centrally into policy- and decision-making at national and global levels, showing the damage caused by the continued biases against women in macroeconomic policies and the impacts of financial and macro-economic policies that fail to consider the role of social reproduction and the need for social provisioning. While examining the impacts of the financial crisis in the sphere of reproduction remains hampered by limited time-use surveys, evidence does exist from developing countries of increasing unpaid home-based production, distress sales of labour, and increasing poverty.

For the USA, Diane Elson shows how gendered financial markets, particularly for housing, meant that women disproportionately held sub-prime mortgages, making them vulnerable to homelessness p.

The Political Economy of Contemporary Spain

Given the huge strides in theory, evidence, and analysis within the field of feminist economics and political economy documented in this volume, the question remains why the challenge to mainstream but largely gender-blind economics, institutions, and worldviews has not been more successful. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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The Price Index and its Extension A Chapter in Economic Measurement Routledge Frontiers of Political

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