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It identified 2 sets of high-level practices, across the sample of multi-academy trusts MATs and federations, seen as necessary for sustainable improvement at scale:. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content. Accept cookies.

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Cookie settings. Research and analysis Sustainable improvement in multi-school groups. Published 13 December From: Department for Education. Applies to: England. For two consecutive years now our pupils have outperformed the national average.

2. Make funding schools a priority

In , boys outperformed girls nationally, but not at Bridge schools. Bridge girls performed better than boys, both within Bridge and nationally. The report findings show all types of children reach high attainment in a Bridge school.

This contradicts decades of global education research trends that demonstrate family background matters more than the school a child attends, in relation to levels of learning. The finding of equity in learning at Bridge is groundbreaking. Through our Learning Lab , Bridge partners with a wide range of leading academics and institutions to pilot and assess innovative pedagogical approaches at scale adding to the pool of evidence as to how children learn. Many teachers supported by Bridge are employed by their local government, and some work for Bridge directly. Each country in which we operate has different qualifications and requirements for teachers.

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We adhere to, and sometimes exceed, all of them. We run a carefully designed training programme at the outset for all teachers — novice and experienced — where there are trained to use the big four teaching skills and associated teaching techniques.

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We continue support our teachers with continuous coaching and professional development programs both inside and outside the classroom. The training prepares teachers to Bridge teaching philosophy and use the teacher tablets effectively, conduct interactive lessons, lead small group and instruction, and deploy a variety of effective teaching techniques.

‘Difficult to boost attendance without proper classrooms and toilets’

Many teachers struggle in low and middle income countries. Teacher guides sometimes called direct instruction or scripted education are widely recognised as an effective delivery method of instruction in numerous academic studies , including Hattie, ; Lemov, Woolway and Yezzi, ; and Killian As such, it is used across the world by multilateral agencies.

Because of their success, teacher guides are a cornerstone of USAID early-grade literacy programs in Africa, such as Tusome in Kenya, and are utilized as an effective form of educational delivery. They are particularly effective in developing countries where even teachers from certified training programs struggle with core knowledge competencies. In Uganda, for example, eight out of ten state primary school teachers can neither read nor solve basic primary-level mathematics questions.

Learning is a science. Teacher guides empower all teachers with lessons that have been carefully designed based upon the latest pedagogical research and insights. This means better prepared and supported teachers who can focus on teaching and more learning for the children who need it most. The vast majority of Bridge schools are public schools. All of our community school buildings are safe and meet local standards and legal requirements. We believe that school performance should be measured by outcomes not inputs. Keeping our community school buildings basic also helps keep costs low for parents.

In all the schools that Bridge supports or runs we only teach the national curriculum of the host country.

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These schools have witnessed a decline in their services, and increasingly they are accessed by the poor and the marginalised. Across India, a handful of committed individuals have led efforts to improve government schools, in the belief that they could demonstrate or induce an enduring change in the system. This book profiles twenty three such efforts from across India. These are stories of inspiration and insight, written in an accessible style, of interest to practitioners and others engaged with ideas of innovation, change and school reform. admin