Money: A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want

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In Chillpreneur , she's teaching women how to align their goals with the universe and earn six figures without losing their minds. Through exercises and real-life stories, Denise tells us how to avoid making the many mistakes she and other women have made, how to boost our confidence and smash through money blocks, and start making those business dreams a reality. It's weird and frankly bewildering that the most talented women in the world are often the ones struggling to make fabulous money from their talents. In Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! A gospel, as ancient and authentic as any of the gospels that the Christian bible contains, was buried deep in the Egyptian desert after an edict was sent out in the 4th century to have all copies of it destroyed.

Fortunately, some rebel monks were wise enough to refuse - and thanks to their disobedience and spiritual bravery, we have several manuscripts of the only gospel that was written in the name of a woman: The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Most of us believe that we will finally feel satisfied and content with our lives when we get the good news we have been waiting for, find a healthy relationship, or achieve one of our personal goals.

However, this rarely happens. Good fortune is often followed by negative emotions that overtake us and result in destructive behaviors. Highly sensitive people - or empaths - see life through the eyes of compassion and caring. They were born that way. As a result, they carry a tremendous amount of inner light. Mel Robbins is back! The international bestselling phenomenon and creator of The Five Second Rule and Kick Ass with Mel Robbins returns to help you tackle the single biggest obstacle you face: fear.

This life-changing Audible Original features a powerful mix of one-on-one life-coaching sessions and a personal narrative with vital take-aways that you can start using immediately. How do you feel about setting goals? Our hearts will swell as we cross the finish line, and then we can finally relax and savor our happiness.

You Are a Badass at Making Money is a refreshingly frank and entertaining step-by-step guide to overcoming the fears and stumbling blocks that have kept financial success out of reach and to giving yourself the permission to make the kind of money you've never made before. She had dedicated decades to her dream job, and loved almost every minute of it, but had left the rest of her life gathering dust on the shelf.

Why then has creativity been given a back seat in our culture? No longer.

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Creativity is a force inside every person that, when unleashed, transforms our lives and delivers vitality to everything we do. Establishing a creative practice is therefore our most valuable and urgent task - as important to our well-being as exercise or nutrition. The good news? Renowned artist, author, and CreativeLive founder, Chase Jarvis, reminds us that creativity isn't a skill - it's a habit available to everyone. Having a good relationship with money is tough - whether you have millions in the bank or just a few bucks to your name.

Because just like any other relationship, your life with money has its ups and downs, its twists and turns, its breakups and makeups.

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And just like other relationships, living happily with money really comes down to love - which is why love is the basis of money maven Kate Northrup's book. After taking the Money Love Quiz to see where on the spectrum your relationship with money stands - somewhere between "on the outs" and "it's true love! Step-by-step exercises that address both the emotional and practical aspects of your financial life help you figure out your personal perceptions of money and wealth and how to change them for the better.

You'll learn about thought patterns that may be holding you back from earning what you're worth or saving what you can. You'll learn how to chart your current financial life and create a plan to get you to where you want to be - whether that's earning enough to live in a penthouse in Manhattan or a cabin in the Rockies. She'll teach you how to shift your beliefs about money, create a budget, spend in line with your values, get out of debt, and so much more.

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In short, she'll teach you to love your money, so you can love your life. Not mentioned in the books description, this book is clearly written for women just starting out in life. That being said, it is also poorly written. There are so many much better personal finance books out there.

All the gender usages and examples are for women. The language and expressions come off as a late 20's something giving advice to an early 20's something's. Even if some of the advice is good, I find it difficult to take advice from someone who is trying to present themselves as one of the popular kids as opposed to a professional. That being said, I have a daughter in college. If it was well written, I would recommend it to her, but is is not well written.

Talking about an abnormal pap smear in detail does not belong in any book about finance. Lots of digression.

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She has a real difficult time staying on topic. I can only guess that this book was only published because her mother is a Oprah Book Club best seller as mentioned multiple times.

There is no way it could have been published on its own merits. Way too many plugs for websites and other products. You should never have to pay to listen to an advertisement. I am a finance book junky, probably because I make some mistakes when I was in my 20's and reading and listening to them helps keep me focused on what is important to me. Trust me, there are much better books out there.

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If you want some sound financial advice, don't waist your money here. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? Has Money, A Love Story turned you off from other books in this genre? What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment? Made myself listen to the end, thinking this had to get better.

Unfortunately, it did not. It also seems like one big advertisement for her MLM business. This is a good book for any young person just starting out their financial lives. So amazing. Literally listening to it again to redo some of the exercises. So powerful! I really enjoyed this book.

I am also so glad it was available on audible so I could listen when I could. She is pro-freedom and anti austerity unlike most financial guidelines. This book focuses on the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of money. It is practical yet compassionate. There are so many great lessons in this wonderful book about living a great life as a strong, confident and fierce woman.

It's not just about being knowledgeable about, comfortable and responsible with your money. It's about a new and fresh way to live your life so that you are being true to who you are and loving yourself completely. I highly recommend this book! Thank you Kate for this great piece of work, it was so nice to hear your voice on the move and soak up your wisdom in an area I so need!

Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup

This was the most refreshing book on finances!! I enjoyed every chapter and for the first time ever I'm looking forward to opening my bank statements and being on top of my finances. I loved the 'money for me' account idea and all the other tips you gave and will be listening to your book a second time to go through your recommendations one by one and for the first time, implement them into my life as I really now see that money is value.

No more burying my head in the sand which is what I've currently been doing. You've also re-enforced just how powerful network marketing is as a business model.

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Positive and thought-provoking listen. I'll get the book version next, to give it more thought. I will however be putting several of the things I learnt from Kate into practice. Thank you Kate X. I found this book very helpful in a loving way. She offers a different perspective which really helped me.

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