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Viewing pornography is the opposite of fleeing youthful lusts; it is the embracing of youthful lusts. It is a surrender to indwelling sin, the very sin that God calls you to repent of. Practically, this means that you have to flee from the situations that provoke sin in you. This means that you do not do the things, hang out with the people, or go to the places that you know are going to arouse these kinds of desires in your heart. It might mean not owning a television, or not having cable or internet access at your house.

It might mean owning a flip phone instead of a smartphone.

The Pursuit of God

Cut off your hand—do not be a fool about this. Lose your smartphone. Save your soul. Paul contends that being a Christian is not just about being against something. In this case, we are being called to shun evil desire and instead to pursue its opposite—righteousness, faith, love, and peace. This is what the Spirit of God is already working inside of you to do. Your active pursuit of these things is not at odds with grace. It is the evidence of grace in your life. Your active striving against sin is not legalism. It is the evidence that the Holy Spirit is having his way with you.

The absence of that striving is the evidence of the absence of the Spirit. It means you get up and get to work. You pursue righteousness. You do the things that make for good character. You work hard. Pursue love. Pursue faith. Read your Bible.

Follow Like You Mean It

Pray heaven down into your life and into your relationships and into your work. Listen to the Word preached. Pursue the means of grace that God has given you that sustain faith and confidence in King Jesus. If you give yourself to those things, you will learn self- control and love and goodness and a thousand other beautiful things that God wants to do in your life.

Flee youthful lusts to pursue the fruit of the spirit. That last phrase is telling you how to pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace. Pursue these things with a group of other people who are also pursuing these things. Flee youthful lusts, and pursue the fruit of the Spirit, and embrace the fellowship that leads to sanctification. Confess this to God, but also find a trusted friend you can confess to.

They have to be people who have proven faithfulness in this area and can actually pull you forward in constructive ways. And I would add that you should pursue this accountability with somebody in your church. Your accountability ought to be under the purview of the discipline and order of your church. Be willing to take extraordinary measures to beat this. If you lay down your smartphone, then do it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life and few are those who find it.

So everything is at stake in this. You cannot serve both. I hear a lot of guys talk about this as a struggle. What they mean by struggle is they try hard not to look at this material, then they fall, they try hard again, then they fall again, they try some more, then they fall some more. And so, for them, struggle means entrenched patterns of defeat. Biblical struggle is not embracing patterns of defeat but embracing patterns of faithfulness.

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Test yourself on this. The grace of the Lord Jesus is sufficient for this. Flee youthful lusts. God has enabled you to do this. The Holy Spirit of God is working in you to do this, if you know him. Denny Burk is a professor of biblical studies at Boyce College. He also serves as associate pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church in Louisville. Burk joined the faculty of Boyce College and Southern Seminary in He serves as the director of the Center for Gospel and Culture.

Burk writes frequently on biblical and theological topics. He is the author of a book on sexual ethics titled What Is the Meaning of Sex? For the Truth. For the Church. For the World. How does the Bible help us? How can other people help us to honor God? How can you help people to honor God? What should we do with our old nature? How does the Spirit help us to live for God? The greatest way to grow is by telling other people about Jesus! Matthew Talk About It.

How do you feel when people do things for you? How do you feel when people refuse to help you? Why should we give money to God? Identify a friend you would like to invite to church or talk to about Jesus. Talk with your parents about how best to do that. What does it look like to really love someone?

How can you honor people in your life? Why Read The Bible? Armor of God What Is Church? Three Reasons to Obey Your Parents. Have you ever watched someone get baptized? Where were you and what did you notice? What did Jesus want John to do? What does baptism symbolize? What does it mean to be dead in our sins? What did Jesus do with our sin? The gospels tell the story of the life of Jesus. Jesus can do big stuff with little stuff.

He turned a few loaves of bread and some fish into a meal that fed thousands of people! Luke God does big stuff through little people. Mark Talk About It. Have you ever witnessed something so cool or been saved from danger, it was like a miracle from God? What do you think the kid thought when Jesus wanted to take his lunch to feed thousands? What do you think Jesus was trying to communicate performing this miracle?

What point was Jesus trying to make? Luke God gave people the Sabbath to help them but the religious leaders turned it into something else. God cares more about people than rules. Have you ever been picked on at school? How did that feel? How did you respond?

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Who did Jesus help in the story who was being picked on? Why did Jesus decide to heal the woman even though it was the Sabbath? How was the Sabbath supposed to help people? What did the religious leaders do to change it? Why did that anger Jesus?

Start Talking

God has existed forever and he created everything! Genesis God wanted Elijah to tell the people that there is only one God and to set up a challenge to prove it! Deuteronomy Talk About It. Have you ever competed in a contest or competition? What was it like? How did you do?

Do you ever sing or pray to your favorite toy or video game? Why or why not? What did God do to prove that He was the only real God? What would you have done if you were there that day? How can you get better at obeying God? God wants to help you in every situation. When you pray, he will hear you and he will help you. Jeremiah Talk About It. Who helped you? What happened when Jehoshaphat turned to God in prayer?

What is your initial reaction to this topic? What jumped out at you?

The Discipline of a Fixed Focus

How did it go? How does it help us? Write a personal action step based on this conversation. Deuteronomy Spend time with God by praying and reading the Bible. Make a habit of talking about God with your family. Talk About It. How can we put God first? Hint: There are three main ways. How can reading the Bible or praying be like training practice for God? How will you put God first this week? What are some rules you have to follow at school? What are some rules parents have to obey? What book tells us to obey our parents? In your own words, explain how obedience protects us? What is the ICE of obedience?

Which one do you need to work on this week? What does Jesus mean that we are friends if we keep his commands? Describe a time someone was really nice to you. What about a time someone was really mean to you. What are you good at? What needs some work? Make a list of how you want to be treated.

Now, look at that list. Do you think you can treat others that way? Why do you think a true friend is compared to a brother sister? Podcasts Subscribe to these podcasts to stay in the know. The PG Podcast Tune in as we talk about faith, life, and everything in between. We believe parents are pastors for their kids, so we've built our resources to help you do your job in three simple steps: Step 1: Pick a category to get started, which will help you find the lesson you need.

Life of Jesus - Talk with your kids about the miracles, parables, and stories of Jesus! Kid Wisdom - Talk with your kids about attitude, friendship, self-esteem, and more!

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