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It might be out there. And hey, ya gotta spend on what makes you happy. We spend about k a year which is also what I make consulting about a day a week since I retired from the 9 to 5 world four years ago. I admire folks who go under that with a family. We are trending to land at about 46k for , but we usually probably trend a little higher than that.

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As UAE team leader for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor GEM program - the largest on-going, international research program on entrepreneurship in the world - Professor Chabrak is interested in researching the links between entrepreneurship and wellbeing. With her colleague, Dr. Chafik Bouhaddioui, she has developed a long-term research project using data from the GEM program. The purpose of this research is to examine the potential relationship between entrepreneurship and happiness in the UAE in order to help policy makers evaluate entrepreneurship as a measure of wellbeing and to encourage further growth.

She is also involved with a unique leadership course that utilizes both ontological and phenomenological approaches. She is a joint Tunisian and French citizen. Before, that she was a Business and IT consultant. She has published articles and served on several editorial boards of international journals.

Professor Chabrak lives in Al Ain with her cat Candy and looks forward to retiring to a remote island surrounded by dogs and cats. Research and responsibility go hand-in-hand for Dr Ossama Osman, as he combines his work in research with service to the community and guiding students to become leaders. A graduate of the University of Cairo Medical School, he completed four years of accredited residency training in psychiatry at the Southern Illinois University SIU School of Medicine in the US, where he made his first impact on the world of research.

Having focused his work on the neurochemical and neuroendocrine mechanisms in mood disorders during his time at NIMH — with his published work contributing to the development of new knowledge on the mechanics of the brain — he served as a full-time faculty member at several US universities for almost a decade. During this time, Dr Osman developed the first schizophrenia research program at Bay Pines VA Medical Center in Florida; returned to SIU to establish an innovative academic and training program in developmental disabilities; and led the creation of clinical and academic programs in community mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities at Mercer University College of Medicine in Georgia.

He also became its first Medical Director, opening up educational and training opportunities for both medical students and residents. In his 13 years in Al Ain, he has secured numerous UAEU research grants and collaborated with other researchers at both local and international level, with his partners including institutions such as the Harvard Program for Trauma and Recovery. His research work has involved multidisciplinary studies of disorders in mental health, encompassing obesity, bariatrics, psycho-dermatology, hormonal and trauma-related conditions, and stress, and he is an active member of the Neuroscience Research Priority Group at CMHS.

Just as important as his research work is his commitment to support the career development and wellbeing of students. Having served as its first faculty director for six years, he saw this program grow to the point where, in , it branched out into three initiatives in different emirates, and was pivotal to its accreditation by the US-based Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. During this time, Dr Osman was chosen to chair the Arab Board of Psychiatry Committee on curriculum development, credentialing and accreditation, and continues to perform a vital liaison function.

Since its establishment, it has graduated more than 60 mental health professionals — most of them UAEU alumni — who are now based at major hospitals around the UAE. He has also been a significant contributor to Continuing Medical Education programs in the UAE and abroad, and regularly organizes and presents at regional and international psychiatric and neuroscience conferences. In his spare time, he likes to play squash, table tennis, swim and to travel across the globe.

Many people talk about mapping out their career. For Dr Naeema Al Hosani, that takes on a more literal meaning. Since arriving at UAEU, she has been heavily involved in scholarship, teaching, and service, in addition to holding senior administrative positions at departmental, collegial, and university level, including chairing and being a member of numerous committees.

Her professional life has two aspects. On the research side, she has a high-caliber publications record — as a single author and a co-author — with her work being published in top-ranking Western academic journals and her experience and insight seeing her make presentations at domestic, regional, and international conferences. Dr Al Hosani participated in the transfer of groundbreaking Western research to an Arab audience by translating significant, globally-important books in her area of specialization. The outstanding nature of her research has led to her winning many grants and being awarded prominent accolades, including the UAEU Award for Distinction in Research, as well as being honored by the UAEU Provost for her publication record.

In the teaching field, Dr Al Hosani has carved a reputation for reliability, resourcefulness, and dynamism, as an excellent planner and organizer, and for her dedication to creating a vibrant learning environment. Dr Al Hosanis stature and expertise has seen her make a valuable impact to enriching knowledge and opportunity across UAE society. Her impressive community service record includes cooperation with local universities and government bodies, such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Youth and Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior.

And she has established many cooperation initiatives aimed at strengthening connections between UAEU's academic community and wider UAE society, by establishing avenues of dialogue, outreach, and knowledge exchange. Think of climate change, and you may immediately think of melting ice caps or vanishing rainforests — but the high-impact research that Dr David Thomson leads on the issue at United Arab Emirates University UAEU has a very different, and equally important, geographical focus.

Having published his first work on climate change in the s, as a PhD student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, he has since been involved in studies into related topics including climate variability, seasonality, phenology, changing rainfall patterns, and species decline. But since , when he took up a faculty position at the University of Hong Kong, his research focus has primarily been on the vulnerability of the hotter parts of the world to climate change, and whether temperatures may already be too high for many of their species.

In this field of research, Dr Thomson supervises a postgraduate student team, and has also involved 16 undergraduates in the last two years. Their work has featured at numerous conferences, and they have raised its profile and purpose among the UAE community through their outreach efforts. The students are studying something real, then taking their work out into the public domain, where they can explain to the public and to decision-makers why it is important. Dr Thomson takes this work beyond the laboratory, too.

As a respected thought-leader and influencer on climate change, he participates in climate summits, contributes to media discussions, government working groups, and consultations, and is regularly invited to directly address leaders in the field of climate change. These days, however, he dives into the depths of research, rather than oceans — research which aims to unlock new discoveries surrounding critical health issues. Now based in the Department of Physiology of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at United Arab Emirates University, Chris amassed an entirely different set of life experiences before entering academia and science.

His previous career was in the commercial diving industry, where he spent much of the s after completing his training in the UK coastal town of Plymouth, and which gave him his initial taste of life in the Middle East. Having taken up a role as a manager for a commercial diving company in Abu Dhabi, Chris became well acquainted with life beneath the waves in the offshore oilfields of the Arabian Gulf. However, toward the end of the s, he decided the time was right for a career change, returning to his home country of the UK and obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree, with first-class honors, in physiology and biochemistry, a PhD in Cardiac Physiology supported by a Prize Studentship from the British Heart Foundation , and two postdocs from the University of Bristol and the University of Leeds.

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This focus has two strands: the effect of diabetes on the generation and conduction of electrical signals; and the effect of the disease on cardiac muscle function. Over a million diabetes cases were reported in the UAE in , and cardiovascular disease represents the major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with the condition. The research that Chris and his lab have conducted in the field of diabetes has led to collaborations with a string of international universities, including the University of Bristol, the University of Central Lancashire, the University of Dublin, the University of Leeds, and the University of Manchester.

He also enjoys training in the gym and swimming. Since joining UAEU in January the assistant professor of artificial intelligence and robotics in the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at United Arab Emirates University UAEU has published more than 50 research papers and worked on countless collaborative projects that push the boundaries of science and technology. His specialist areas, meanwhile, range from neural dynamics to motor learning and memory. The robotics enthusiast is currently working with the University of Michigan in the US and Nagoya University in Japan to build a prosthetic arm.

Additionally, he regularly visits the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan to further his research into post-stroke assessment tools and rehabilitation systems and is also partnering with the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Technology in Sydney on the development of a self-rehabilitation tool for stroke patients. Outside the classroom the UAE-born scientist, who spent a number of years living in Japan before returning to the Emirates, enjoys camping, swimming and aikido.

Being married to a triathlon coach helps, of course. Having worked in four countries, all of which have had — and, in the case of the UAE, are having — an influence on the global and multicultural approach he brings to teaching. D in International Marketing at the University of Western Australia, before returning to his homeland to take up his first faculty position.

Total domination in graphs

Along the way, he produced a series of academic papers that delved into the way consumers interact with global brands, and the role that online brand communities play in engaging the public. Now the third phase of the plan he began working on less than two years ago is in operation. And it was this that led him to UAEU.

Projects in the lab that Dr Berengueres leads are focused on four areas — art and tech, creativity research, data science research, and robotics research — and activities range from crunching numbers to encouraging recycling to building a camel-sized robot that react to students according to its mood. The graphic cards developed for 3D gaming have made things like the Tesla autopilot self-driving car possible.

All of this shows how, at the IT College, we love to combine art and technology. This approach is also having a big, visible impact on UAEU life. A specific research group has also been formed to tackle the task of making large amounts of data make sense. Another burgeoning global field — robotics — is also a core element of life in the lab, through its research into human-robot interaction. As part of a joint collaboration with Sendai University, we are now building something that has never been built before: a robot with a superhuman sense of touch.

Imagine a robot that can tell if you have fever or malaria just by shaking your hand, for example. Robots can be scary sometimes, but the goal of robotics is to make life better for humans. Outside the lab and into the community, Dr Berengueres is a sharer of knowledge, insight, and experience.

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For me, this is a particularly rewarding way of giving back. She gained a Ph. In addition, she won the H. Mohammed Bin Zayed Award for outstanding students. Her research interests include pedagogy, international communications and public relations, as well as the effects of both mass media and new media. She has published 43 articles in peer-reviewed journals in a variety of countries USA, Canada, England, etc. She is a member of the editorial board for a total of 18 peer-reviewed journals.

Professor Al-Jenaibi has received 24 local and international awards. These include the H. Shamsa Bint Sohail Award for the most creative teacher. Other awards include the H. Hamdan Bin Mubarak Award for the best employee in a highly specialized jobs academic level. She is founder and voluntary director of the Mubadrah Student Community Engagement Center, which works with local organizations. She is also heavily involved in charity campaigns, fundraising, other exhibitions and in working with local organizations.

Professor Al-Jenaibi has attended more than 33 conferences and taught on 27 different courses. Her teaching philosophy is innovative and she is always keen to develop her teaching skills. She likes to travel and took a sabbatical from to , to go to Beijing, China. Her other hobbies include drawing. Dr Abdul Karim Khan was born and raised in Pakistan. He completed a Ph. D in Management Program. Dr Khan has a keen interest in analyzing employee behavior issues in an organizational context.

He is specifically interested in understanding why high performers are abused and in psychological intervention that can reduce non-supportive leadership behavior. Other areas of interest are the role of emotions in the workplace and workplace justice. His recent work on the abuse of high performers appeared in the Journal of Management, the number one peer-reviewed journal in the field of Management Studies. Khan has published nine research papers and worked on many joint projects with colleagues from around the world.

One of his papers won the award for best paper award at Academy of Management Annual Meeting. He first presented a paper there in He has also been invited to a variety of international forums as a keynote or plenary speaker. Khan also supervises DBA students. He is currently supervising 6 DBA students who are researching topics as diverse as the socialization of new employees, organizational learning, knowledge sharing, issues of organizational justice during mergers, work engagement and creativity. Two of his students have successfully defended their theses in the last two years.

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Khan and his North American colleagues recently in partnership with EMAAR designed and tested psychological interventions that sought to reduce non-supportive managerial behavior. This study is nearly finished and promises actionable for both EMAAR and the wider academic community.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Khan enjoys travelling, reading and taking part in professional conferences and other forums. He was born in Kumasi, Ghana. After three years medical practice with the Ministry of Health in Ghana he moved to England to undertake graduate studies at the University of Leicester. After completing a Ph. D in embryology, Eric returned to Ghana as a lecturer.

Power Domination in Triangular Grids

In addition to his duties as a professor of Anatomy he has served as member of the Curriculum Committee including chairing it and as a course director of the Medical Sciences and Organ Systems courses. He is presently the Chair of the Faculty Governance Review Committee designing and reviewing faculty governance documents and the Faculty Assembly as well as being a representative on the College Council.

He has received best teacher award several times. His research interests include morphological studies of the camel and the houbara bustard. For the last few years Eric has worked on studying autoimmune diabetes and experimental allergic encephalomyelitis EAE. He has presented papers at several immunology conferences and been involved with other research activities. He has published 50 peer-refereed papers. He has also researched the role of galectin-3 in animal models of human type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. A micrograph on the role of IL was used as a cover illustration for an issue of the European Journal of Immunology.

In the last five years he has expanded his research interests into the epigenetic regulation of metabolic syndrome, and together with colleagues, has received several interdisciplinary and faculty grants from the university worth more than 2 million AED. Professor Mensah Brown is married with four children, three daughters and a son. His wife is a retired teacher. Their eldest daughter lives in the UAE and is a businesswoman. Their only son is a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania.

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His hobbies include apologetics, philosophy of religions and reading. He also loves traveling. In his spare time, Dr Abdulla Al-Khatib likes to draw. His life in law has come full circle, as it was at the UAEU where it all began.

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Dr Al-Khatib cut his teeth in the legal sector by training as a lawyer at a Dubai-based firm, where he wrote memos and pleas to courts and other institutions, liaised with clients, negotiated contracts, and conducted other pivotal official matters. But the pull of academia brought him back to the UAEU, where — after publishing many legal articles in high-ranking academic journals — he was promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor in , his personal career highlight to date.

Bastaki joined the Law Faculty as assistant professor of International Law in Dominating Set. Total Domination number. Minimum Degree. Graph in graph theory. Vertex of a graph. Connected graph. Keywords Girth Total domination. admin