Craft and the Creative Economy

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For these regions, the CCI represent untapped economic potential, and a chance to contribute to the innovation economy and other sectors through supply chain effects. This is an opportunity for policies that accelerate and sustain a dynamic creative economy that contributes to human development progress.

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Growing a dynamic creative economy depends in part on how proactive countries are in grasping opportunities and tackling challenges across many areas—including technology, education, labour markets, macroeconomic policies, gender issues, urbanization, migration, and more. Cultural and creative activities are usually diverse and multifaceted.

First, in line with the Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs , countries need to integrate the opportunities and challenges related to CCI into their national development plans, strategies and budgets. Second, greater effort needs to be devoted to protecting intellectual property rights.

Craft and the Creative Economy

Failing to properly reward creators is holding back growth. Legal frameworks that protect the rights of creators and secure fair remuneration for them is key. Third, culture often transcends borders. And so improved international, regional and South-South cooperation is important. Fourth nurturing talent is vital for CCI. The cross-fertilization of ideas, leveraging new technologies and learning from mistakes are important for any economic sector, but these play a fundamental role in the cultural and creative sectors.

Governments and higher education institutions have an important role in attracting, developing and retaining talent.

Craft as a creative industry: what doesn't get counted, doesn't count

Free Preview. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Craft and the Creative Economy examines the place of craft and making in the contemporary cultural economy, with a distinctive focus on the ways in which this creative sector is growing exponentially as a result of online shopfronts and home-based micro-enterprise, 'mumpreneurialism' and downshifting, and renewed demand for the handmade.